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#11 Double Honed Blades
Price: $2.80-$245.00
Retail: $3.34
Item #: EX20011 - See more from Excel

    The No. 11 blade is the top choice hobby knife blade, proudly made in the USA from carbon steel. It features a fine point straight edge for precise trimming of wood, plastic, paper, leather, and more. These double honed hobby blades are...

    k26 Fit Grip Knife
    Retail: $10.11
    Item #: EX16026 - See more from Excel

      The K26 Fit Grip Knife offers a comfortable soft-grip handle with replaceable #11 double-hones blades, safety cap and 4 jaw machined chuck.

      Retractable Blade Pen Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
      Retail: $16.00
      Item #: XA3209Q - See more from X-Acto

        The X-ACTO retractable knife is a stylish and practical addition to any desk or drawer. Resembling a high-quality pen, this retractable knifes boast a razor-sharp cutting blade and superior craftsmanship. It is perfect for trimming coupons and...

        #9 Retractable Blades - 5-Pack Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Replacement Cutting Blades
        Item #: XA209Q - See more from X-Acto

          The #9 Retractable Blade from X-ACTO is an excellent detail blade for making precise cuts through a range of lightweight materials. The fully retractable bladeis thin enough to make the careful cuts you need but also sturdy enough not to snap under...

          Multi-Purpose Scraper
          Retail: $8.30
          Was: $7.40
          Item #: OLSCR-S - See more from Olfa

            Width perfect for tight spaces. These handy scrapers feature high-quality, stainless steel blades, and strong, durable handles to efficiently tackle most conventional jobs. Stainless steel blades offer better protection against rusting or longer...

            k18 Grip-On Knife with Safety Cap
            Retail: $7.90
            Item #: EX16019 - See more from Excel

              The Excel Blades K18 Cushion Grip Knife features a #11 double-honed blade for precision cutting. Its hex-shaped screw prevents rolling, ensuring stability during use. The four-jaw chuck securely holds the blade in place. Available in a variety of...

              #2 Straight-Edge Blades
              Retail: $4.00
              Item #: EX20002 - See more from Excel

                Crafted from carbon steel, these #2 straight edge blades are designed for cutting and trimming thicker materials with precision. Compatible with standard medium to heavy duty craft knives, they work well on matte board, linoleum, foam core,...

                #11 Fine Point Blades
                Price: $3.80-$42.70
                Retail: $3.85
                Item #: XAWA211E - See more from X-Acto

                  The X-ACTO #11 Classic Fine Point knife blades are the perfect accessory to a true tool of precision. When elaborate, detailed cuts need to be made, the #11 blade is the one to choose. Because the blade is made with quality sharpened carbon and...

                  k1 Light-Duty Hobby Knife
                  Price: $3.10-$4.95
                  Retail: $3.50
                  Item #: EX16001 - See more from Excel

                    For Home, Art, Hobby, and Industrial use.  Excel Blades' best selling paper cutter!

                    Gripster Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
                    Price: $8.40
                    Retail: $8.47
                    Item #: XA3627 - See more from X-Acto

                      The X-Acto Gripster represents the next evolution of the #1 Knife, featuring a soft rubberized barrel for comfort and control, a rear-release mechanism for easy and safe blade changing, and an anti-roll design to prevent slipping. This cutting and...

                      Style C Foamboard Cutter Replacement Blades
                      Retail: $18.95
                      Item #: LOWC-20 - See more from Foamwerks

                        Replacement blades for FoamWerks foamboard rabbet cutter LWC4010 or foamboard straight & bevel cutter LWC6010. Package of 25 blades

                        Deluxe Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
                        Retail: $34.49
                        Item #: OLRTY-2DX - See more from Olfa

                          Choose the OLFA RTY-2/DX Ergonomic Rotary Cutter for comfortable and safe cutting. Its curved handle reduces wrist fatigue, while the squeeze-trigger activates the blade for extended cutting sessions. The blade automatically retracts for safety....

                          9mm AB Silver Snap Blades Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Replacement Cutting Blades
                          Price: $5.90-$19.90
                          Retail: $5.99
                          Item #: OLAB10B - See more from Olfa

                            Ensure continuous sharpness with OLFA 9mm Precision Silver Snap-Off Blades. Crafted from premium Japanese carbon steel, these blades offer professional-grade cutting performance. With (13) sharp edges per snap blade, you can achieve clean cuts...

                            18mm Classic Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
                            Retail: $11.49
                            Item #: OLL-2 - See more from Olfa

                              For enhanced grip and versatility, choose the OLFA 18mm L-2 Classic Heavy-Duty Utility Knife with Rubber Inset. This knife boasts a durable ABS handle with an anti-slip rubber inset on the back, ensuring secure handling during use. The...

                              18mm LB Silver Snap Blades
                              Price: $6.95-$33.80
                              Retail: $6.99
                              Item #: OLLB-5B - See more from Olfa

                                Made of high-quality carbon tool steel with a double-honed blade for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

                                k47 Executive Retractable Pen Knife
                                Retail: $26.00
                                Item #: EX16047 - See more from Excel

                                  The K47 Executive Retractable Knife has a pocket clip for safe storage and a top switch that acts as a retracting mechanism and blade "stopper" during use. Its pen-like handle holds a powerful #65 retractable blade, perfect for cutting, scoring, or...

                                  #1 Precision Knife
                                  Price: $5.20-$8.75
                                  Retail: $5.24
                                  Item #: XA3601Q3 - See more from X-Acto

                                    The X-ACTO Basic Precision Knife, complete with a safety cap, is perfect for delicate cutting, stripping, and trimming tasks. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle and a #1 Blade style, this knife effortlessly cuts through paper, plastic, thin...

                                    #2 Knife with Safety Cap Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
                                    Retail: $8.91
                                    Item #: XA3602 - See more from X-Acto

                                      This precision X-acto knife is equipped with a #2 blade designed for cutting medium to heavy-weight materials like wood, board, paper, plastic, and acetate with accuracy. It is also available with a hexagonal safety chuck to prevent rolling,...

                                      Builders Knife and Hobby Tool Set
                                      Retail: $84.00
                                      Item #: EX44288 - See more from Excel

                                        The Excel Blades Builder Set is an essential toolkit for artists at every skill level. Housed in an elegant wooden case with a clasp lock, this collection ensures long-lasting protection for your tools. It includes knife handles equipped with a...

                                        Foamboard Freestyle Cutter
                                        Retail: $18.95
                                        Item #: LOWB-6020 - See more from Foamwerks

                                          Specially designed for use with foam core products.

                                          Mini Scraper
                                          review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
                                          Sale: $1.33
                                          Retail: $2.60
                                          Was: $1.90
                                          Item #: A0123 - See more from

                                            The Mini Scraper consists of a single edge blade locked firmly in a plastic holder. It's perfect for scraping palettes or anything else that needs to be stripped of unwanted media. The blade is 1 1/2 in. across and can be removed and replaced with...

                                            #2 Blades - 5-Pack Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Replacement Cutting Blades
                                            Retail: $4.30
                                            Item #: XAXW202E - See more from X-Acto

                                              The X-ACTO Number 2 Large, Fine Point Blade is specifically crafted for precise cutting of medium-weight materials including cardboard, plastic, paper, basswood, vinyl, rubber, and foam. Each package includes five blades, ensuring you always have...

                                              Super Deluxe Knife Set
                                              Retail: $117.60
                                              Item #: EX44200 - See more from Excel

                                                Excel Blades' Super Deluxe Knife Set is a one of a kind necessity to artists in all levels. The Hobby Knife Set includes knife handles that house a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty knife;...

                                                X2000 Knife
                                                Price: $10.35
                                                Retail: $10.41
                                                Item #: XA3724 - See more from X-Acto

                                                  The X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife sets the standard for precision and accuracy in cutting tools. If your job or project demands surgical precision and laser-like accuracy, look no further than the X2000 Precision Knife. Crafted from high-quality...

                                                  Architects, designers, and model makers utilize a range of art and hobby cutters to achieve precise material cutting and crafting in their projects. Light-duty knives like X-Acto knives are ideal for intricate cuts in paper and thin plastics, essential for architectural models and design prototypes. Medium-duty knives handle thicker materials such as foam board and balsa wood, crucial for constructing 3D models and mock-ups.

                                                  Utility knives are heavy-duty tools designed for tough materials like foam core board and heavy cardstock, used for shaping architectural models and cutting large sheets. Snap blade cutters offer versatility with retractable segmented blades, while circle cutters create perfect circles in paper and plastics for detailed design elements. These tools are essential for achieving high-quality results in architectural and design projects, enhancing precision and efficiency in material cutting and crafting.