Eco-Friendly Bamboo Easels

Eco Friendly

Bamboo releases approximately 30% more oxygen into the air and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants, helping to significantly decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere while cleaning the air.

Highly Renewable Resource

Bamboo is a grass from the plant family known as Poacea, and the fastest growing 'wood' plant known, growing up to 36" per day. It reaches full maturity in just 3 to 5 years and simply grows back when cut, very much like a grass.

Extraordinarily Strong

Despite its almost delicate appearance, bamboo is approximately three times stronger than timber, and its tensile strength ( its ability to withstand more tension or stretching pressure before breaking ) is higher than steel!

Clean Farming

Fallen leaves from bamboo decompose and provide all the nutrients the plant needs to thrive, meaning no fertilizers are needed. This eliminates the toxic run-off usually associated with farming and helps keep our rivers and oceans a bit cleaner.

Naturally Beautiful

The naturally occurring growth joints in bamboo shoots are transformed into color textures when bamboo is planed into planks, giving the finished wood a visually rich texture and appearance.

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Angelina Lyre-Style Bamboo Easel
Model: ES-AN50 - Price: $191.20
Brazos H-Style Bamboo Easel
Model: ES-BR82 - Price: $333.30
Guadalupe Table Top Bamboo Easel
Model: ET-GD24 - Price: $137.30
Ravenna Sketch-Box Bamboo Easel
Model: AA1242 - Price: $153.70
San Jacinto Single Mast Bamboo Easel
Model: ES-SJ66 - Price: $245.00
Sonoma Sketch-Box Bamboo Easel
Model: AA13502 - Price: $220.00