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1-5/8" Clipper Tags
Price: $41.70-$58.30
Retail: $49.23
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    Use the Clipper Tag to easily identify your blueprints, building plans, maps, drawings and all rolled material. Neat, economical and easy to use.

    2" Clipper Tags
    Price: $47.80-$62.40
    Retail: $56.42
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      Easily identify blueprints, building plans, maps, drawings, and all rolled material.

      Blueprint Tags for Rolled Drawings
      Price: $170.80
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      Retail: $264.70
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        Whether you are using upright roll files, corrugated roll files or a steel roll file the problem is how to identify your rolled blueprints or drawings. Make identification easy with the Ulrich Index Clip. These blueprint tags and blueprint labels...

        Plan Tags
        Price: $1.50-$69.95
        Retail: $1.75
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          A simple, inexpensive identification device that will organize your plans, maps or drawings. Save time searching through rolls of plans and drawings. PlanTag allows you to systematize and store plans neatly, identify them instantly and retrieve...