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Professional Expandable Tubes
Retail: $18.35
Item #: TUBE-04 - See more from Pacific Arc

    Pacific Arc's Professional Expandable Carrying Tubes are ideal for mailing and transporting documents and art work. All tubes include an adjustable shoulder strap and twist-locking feature. Jumbo Tubes are longer and have larger diameters for...

    Economy Store/Mail Tube
    Retail: $6.25
    Item #: TUBE-S - See more from Pacific Arc

      Economy Mailing Tubes are smaller and less expensive. Caps stay on tight and won't pop off until pulled by force. The small tube's length is fixed.

      Transparent Ice Tubes
      Retail: $23.07
      Item #: MT25-CL - See more from Alvin Drafting

        These unique transparent PVC mailing and storage tubes are designed for anything that can be rolled including charts maps blueprints and posters.

        Telescoping Document Tube
        Retail: $42.30
        Was: $33.10
        Item #: RLTUBE - See more from RapiDesign

          This storage tube is ideal for protecting and transporting of documents, artwork, prints and posters. Record the tubes contents under a clear plastic cover for easy organization and storage.

          Frank Lloyd Wright Aluminum Drafting Tube
          Retail: $80.00
          Item #: 9010-9-FLW-GB - See more from Alumicolor

            The 24" Aluminum Drafting Tube is perfect for transporting architectural plans and drawings in planes, trains, and automobiles. This sturdy, rigid tube protects its contents from wrinkling or other damage. The tube features a laser engraved band of...

            Blueprint Mailing Tubes
            Price: $13.95
            Item #: CZ25WH3 - See more from

              Store, carry and mail artwork, important documents or posters with this durable tube. This telescopic tube features a tight slip-cap to protect and secure; ensure that important materials reach their destination in mint condition.

              PrintGuard Drawing Protector
              Retail: $75.50
              Item #: PrintGuard19 - See more from Advanced Organizing Systems

                Perfect For The Architect, Engineer, Artist, Surveyor, Draftsman, Contractor Or Anyone Handling Drawings.

                Price: $61.00-$109.00
                Retail: $70.00
                Item #: MailStor25-3 - See more from Advanced Organizing Systems

                  Self Locking Corrugated Mailer or Storage Solution! The Perfect Economical Solution for Mailing or Storing Documents, Prints, Graphics, Art, Maps, Film, and Other Items.

                  TransPorter Tubes
                  Retail: $25.99
                  Item #: AA18470 - See more from Art Alternatives

                    Transport you original artwork, prints or documents safely and in style. Made of PVC and measuring 2-3/4" in diameter, these Art Alternative TransPorter tubes can withstand the bumps and jostling of travel, and will protect your work without...

                    Blueprint tubes are versatile storage and transport solutions for a variety of large-format items such as architectural drawings, engineering plans, artwork, posters, maps, and more. Here's how they can be used for each of these items:

                    1. Architectural Drawings: Architects often use blueprint tubes to safely transport and store their architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, and construction details. The tubes protect these valuable documents from damage during transit and on-site visits.

                    2. Engineering Plans: Engineers frequently utilize blueprint tubes to carry their engineering plans, such as schematics, diagrams, and technical drawings. These tubes ensure that the plans remain intact and free from creases or tears, maintaining their accuracy and readability.

                    3. Artwork: Artists can employ blueprint tubes to store and transport their large-format artwork, such as paintings, sketches, or prints. The tubes provide protection against bending, moisture, and other environmental factors, preserving the integrity of the artwork during travel or storage.

                    4. Posters: Whether for promotional purposes, presentations, or events, posters can be conveniently rolled and stored in blueprint tubes. This ensures that posters arrive at their destination in pristine condition, ready to be displayed without any wrinkles or creases.

                    5. Maps: Cartographers, geographers, and outdoor enthusiasts use blueprint tubes to safeguard their maps during outdoor activities, expeditions, or fieldwork. These tubes keep maps protected from the elements, ensuring they remain readable and usable in various conditions.

                    Overall, blueprint tubes offer a secure and practical solution for storing, transporting, and protecting a wide range of large-format items, making them indispensable tools for professionals and enthusiasts across various industries.