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Double Pocket Soft-Side Portfolio
Retail: $44.99
Item #: AA18128 - See more from

    The Double Zipper Artist Portfolio features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with a no-slip shoulder pad, an ergonomic, comfort grip handle, and reinforced, bound seams for added durability. Imitation leather corner reinforcements provide...

    Inclinable Lyre Easel
    Retail: $229.99
    Item #: AA13405 - See more from

      Constructed of sturdy, hand-finished beechwood, this refined lyre easel features a simple ratchet control for easy canvas height adjustment. The center mast incline is also adjustable - great for working with pastels or for bringing the top of tall...

      Napa Table Easel & Book Stand
      Retail: $51.99
      Item #: AA1240 - See more from

        This tabletop easel and book stand is the perfect studio, office or home addition for use with books, tablets, canvas or panels. Featuring a tray for brushes or writing utensils and two flip-up page holders to securely mark your place, this easel...

        Sonoma Sketch Box Easel
        Retail: $251.99
        Item #: AA13500 - See more from

          Ideal for plein air painting, urban sketching and artists on the go, the Sonoma Sketch Box is a fully adjustable field easel and storage unit all in one. Made of hand-sanded beechwood and finished with brass hardware, this sketch box features a...

          Marquis Desk Easel
          Retail: $44.99
          Item #: AA13510 - See more from

            The Marquis easel is a portable storage box that converts to a painting easel with one simple adjustment - and folds back up just as easily. A convenient drawer reveals three compartments to hold brushes, paints, sketching tools and other essential...

            Display Easels
            Price: $29.65-$31.05
            Retail: $29.99
            Item #: AA13419 - See more from

              This economical easel is the smart choice for sketching and display. It is ideal for the artist who is looking for a light-weight, portable easel. Each easel is made of hand-sanded pine wood and features an adjustable tray, rubber feet and a leg...

              Spiral-Bound Sketch Books
              Retail: $24.99
              Item #: AA75112 - See more from

                The Art Alternatives Spiral-Bound Sketch Books provide a perfect space for all your creative ideas. Ideal for sketching, drawing, and writing with any dry media, these sleek black sketch books feature acid-free, bright white 75lb (110gsm) paper,...

                Merced Table Sketch-Box Easel
                Retail: $99.99
                Item #: AA13505 - See more from

                  The Merced table top sketch box table easel is a complete portable studio on-the-go. Finished with brass hardware, this easel features a spacious, locking interior storage compartment with removable dividers, a wooden palette, rubber feet on both...

                  Basic Field Easel
                  Retail: $79.99
                  Item #: AA13602 - See more from

                    This versatile field easel can also be adjusted to lie flat for watercolor. Constructed of hand-finished beechwood, it is light-weight and sturdy and folds up easily for travel or storage.

                    Marin Studio H-Frame Easel
                    Retail: $549.99
                    Item #: AA13132 - See more from

                      This Marin easel brings utility and sophistication to your studio. Made of durable hand-finished beechwood, it adjusts for use standing or sitting and has a wide bottom canvas tray that provides a useful surface while you work. A built-in storage...

                      Classic Lyre Easel
                      Retail: $199.99
                      Item #: AA13410 - See more from

                        This classic lyre easel features an A-frame construction, allowing it to angle into a corner or fold flat for easy storage. This easel features a ratchet control for adjusting canvas height.

                        Studio Tabletop Easel
                        Retail: $69.99
                        Item #: AA13415 - See more from

                          This versatile and stable H-frame table easel functions both as a working easel that can be used while standing or sitting, or as an elegant display easel suitable for any venue. Perfect for painting on smaller canvases or panels. Rubber feet...

                          1" x 36yds. Double-Coated Paper Tape
                          Item #: AA20062 - See more from

                            High-performance crepe paper tape.  Aggressive rubber-based adhesive.

                            Cold-Press Illustration Boards
                            Retail: $244.75
                            Item #: AA735 / AA736 / AA737 - See more from

                              Create artwork using pencil, charcoal, pastels and all dry media with this handy cold-press illustration board. It is also a great choice for watercolor illustrations. This board offers a cold-press, medium-textured surface.

                              Mariposa Aluminum Table Easel
                              Retail: $33.99
                              Item #: AA13212 - See more from

                                Compact and light-weight, the Mariposa's adjustable wings extend to the sides for extra support. The easel folds to 19-1/2" x 3-3/4" for easy storage and transport.

                                Ravenna Sketch-Box Bamboo Easel
                                Retail: $197.99
                                Item #: AA1242 - See more from

                                  This silky-smooth, eco-friendly bamboo tabletop easel embodies form, function and beauty! It unfolds for use on any steady surface and locks up snugly for travel. You'll never be hindered by a lack of space with this studio in a box. Has an easily...

                                  Travel Table Easel
                                  Retail: $29.99
                                  Item #: AA13012 - See more from

                                    This lightweight travel tripod easel is constructed of hand-finished pine and folds up in a second for transport and storage. Rubber-tipped feet protect your table or other surface.

                                    Display Table Easel
                                    Item #: AA13015 - See more from

                                      This light-weight table tripod easel is constructed of hand-finished hardwood and folds up easily for transport and storage.

                                      Sierra Watercolor Easel
                                      Retail: $160.99
                                      Item #: AA13201 - See more from

                                        Great for indoor, outdoor or table top use, this stable lightweight metal easel is great for painting, sketching and display in both horizontal and vertical positions. It accommodates canvases or panels from 3"- 36" in the horizontal position and...

                                        Artist Soft Pastel 24-Color Set - Portrait
                                        Retail: $19.99
                                        Item #: AA17781 - See more from

                                          These gray pastels offer a rich laydown color base. Use in conjunction with other materials or on their own; expand your palette and hone your blending techniques with this set.

                                          Tortillons Set, 6-Pieces
                                          Retail: $2.79
                                          Item #: AA17596 - See more from

                                            Harsher than stumps, tortillons excel in swift and delicate blending for pencil, charcoal, or pastel drawings. Attain nuanced and precise blends with speed and efficiency using these tools made of rolled paper, easily sharpened with a sandpaper...

                                            Heavy-Duty Locking Snap-Off Blade Knife
                                            Retail: $5.79
                                            Item #: AA17976 - See more from

                                              No more dull blades - simple snap the end off to reveal a good-as-new knife This heavy-weight locking snap-off knife is suitable for cutting boards, textiles, wire, some metals, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, rope and more. Safe and easy to use,...

                                              Single Mast Easel
                                              Retail: $159.99
                                              Item #: AA13451 - See more from

                                                The simple and sturdy design of the single mast easel accommodates canvases up to 50" H and 2" D. Constructed of hand-finished beechwood and features a wide rear foot that ensures a steady work surface. 

                                                Artist Soft Pastel Sets - Assorted Colors
                                                Retail: $11.99
                                                Item #: AA17770 - See more from

                                                  These gray pastels offer a rich laydown color base. Use in conjunction with other materials or on their own; expand your palette and hone your blending techniques with this set.

                                                  Ravenna Sketch Box Easel
                                                  Retail: $159.99
                                                  Item #: AA1245 - See more from

                                                    Form, function and beauty combine in the Ravenna Sketch Box Easel. You'll never be hindered by a lack of space with this studio in a box; this tabletop easel unfolds for use on any steady surface and locks up snugly for travel. An easily accessible...

                                                    12" Ruler & Geometry Set
                                                    Retail: $11.99
                                                    Item #: AA27022 - See more from

                                                      Perfect for students and professionals alike, this geometry set contains a 180° protractor, 45° and 60° triangles and a 12" ruler. The rulers and triangles all have inch and centimeter calibrations for all your measuring needs, and have a clear...

                                                      Utility Knife Blades
                                                      Retail: $3.89
                                                      Item #: AA17980 - See more from

                                                        This pack features five double-ended blades that can be flipped over to reveal a fresh sharp edge.

                                                        Tahoe Aluminum Studio Easel
                                                        Retail: $185.99
                                                        Item #: AA13219 - See more from

                                                          This stable, light-weight easel accommodates canvases up to 44" high and 1-1/2" deep. Fully extended, the Tahoe stands 67" tall and features an adjustable tray and canvas holder, adjustable incline and non-skid feet. It also includes a convenient...