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Spiral-Bound Sketch Books
Retail: $24.99
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    The Art Alternatives Spiral-Bound Sketch Books provide a perfect space for all your creative ideas. Ideal for sketching, drawing, and writing with any dry media, these sleek black sketch books feature acid-free, bright white 75lb (110gsm) paper,...

    Cold-Press Illustration Boards
    Retail: $244.75
    Item #: AA735 / AA736 / AA737 - See more from

      Create artwork using pencil, charcoal, pastels and all dry media with this handy cold-press illustration board. It is also a great choice for watercolor illustrations. This board offers a cold-press, medium-textured surface.

      Hot-Press Illustration Boards
      Retail: $244.75
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        Use these hot press illustration boards to create fine line drawings, illustrations and vibrant marker renderings with this exceptionally smooth surface. This professional illustration board is ideal for a variety of projects.

        Lead Pointer
        Retail: $14.99
        Was: $11.70
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          For those who prefer lead holders to traditional wooden pencils, this lead pointer sharpens your lead points consistently and easily. Featuring a rotary action sharpener, this lead pointer is ideal for both graphite and colored leads.

          20" x 26" Metal-Edge Drawing Board
          Retail: $59.99
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            Portable work surfaces that are more effective than your dining room table and less expensive to replace! With this drawing board, you will have a stable, sturdy surface for working on any art or craft project, anywhere. The metal edges serve as...

            Masking Tape
            Price: $3.20-$12.50
            Retail: $3.99
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              The Art Alternatives masking tape is ideal for use with all types of paint. Use on paper, canvas or wood. Ideal for blocking out swatches of color, line-making, taping paper down, and more.Available in different widths with 60yds length.3" Core. ...

              Wooden Acrylic Edged T-Square
              Retail: $28.99
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                This wooden T-Square is ideal for accurate line drawing, mapping out compositions and general use as a straight-edge.

                Easy-Advance 2mm Lead Holder
                Retail: $12.99
                Item #: AA27223 - See more from

                  Lead holders are an innovative tool that allows you to draw with the feel of a wooden pencil without the hassle of sharpening or the inevitable downgrade to a stubby, hard-to-use nub.

                  Artist Tote Boards with Clips
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                    This multifunctional tote board is great for both indoor or outdoor sketching and painting. Includes a heavy-duty rubber band to keep pad or paper in position.

                    Flexible Stainless Steel Rulers
                    Retail: $6.99
                    Item #: AA27071 - See more from

                      This classic ruler is a staple for any studio, classroom, garage or DIY household. With its flexible metal construction and cork backing, it is both durable and safe to use without scratching various surfaces or slipping under pressure.

                      Acrylic Cutting-Edge Triangles
                      Retail: $16.99
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                        These clear acrylic triangles features grid markings including centering lines to facilitate scaled drawings, geometric compositions, and detailed linework. These are multi-use tools, handy for measuring, drawing and cutting. Two edges are beveled...

                        Compass Leads
                        Retail: $1.49
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                          These compass leads have pre-sharpened chisel points and work in all standard drawing instruments. Each tube contains five leads measuring 2mm in diameter x 3/4" in length. 

                          Price: $213.00-$240.00
                          Item #: AA75413 - See more from

                            This chip board is sturdy and rigid with a smooth finish. Ideal for framing or as a base for mounting architectural models.

                            Double-Sided Cutting Mat
                            Retail: $16.99
                            Item #: AA17924 - See more from

                              Trim photographs, collage materials, textiles, finished artwork or stationary safely and efficiently on this self-healing, double-sided cutting mat. Ideal for artists, students, crafters and DIY makers. The mat protects surfaces from sharp blades,...

                              6" Bow Compass
                              Retail: $18.99
                              Was: $14.90
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                              Create circles and angles with ease using this 6" bow compass that features a technical pen adaptor and a center wheel to set and maintain a precise radius. A thumbscrew allows for fine adjustments and knee joints provide extra flexibility.

                              Stainless Steel T-Squares
                              Retail: $28.99
                              Item #: AA27103 - See more from

                                This T-square is an essential tool for artists, DIY makers, students and professionals alike. Designed for accurate line drawing and cutting, the perpendicular plastic head allows you to line the ruler up so that your lines are square and level....

                                Academy Portfolio
                                Price: $37.35-$70.15
                                Retail: $47.99
                                Item #: AA18002 - See more from

                                  Transport your artwork efficiently and safely with this Art Alternatives academy portfolio. Featuring a dual-action zipper, this portfolio opens and closes easily. An inner pocket provides a separate space for odds and ends, and a plastic cross...

                                  Artist Soft Pastel 24-Color Set - Landscape
                                  Retail: $19.99
                                  Item #: AA17780 - See more from

                                    These gray pastels offer a rich laydown color base. Use in conjunction with other materials or on their own; expand your palette and hone your blending techniques with this set.

                                    Blending Stumps - Variety Pack
                                    Retail: $7.59
                                    Item #: AA17594 - See more from

                                      Excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoal, graphite or any other dry media. Double-ended, pointed and made from soft, gray paper felt these stumps are easily sharpened with a sandpaper block.  Includes one blending stump of each...

                                      Norcross Portable Easel
                                      Retail: $99.99
                                      Item #: AA13131 - See more from

                                        Light-weight and easily adjustable, the Norcross easel tilts upright for acrylic or oil painting, or lies flat for watercolor painting. The tray can accommodate canvases up to 28", and the adjustable leg clips can hold a canvas up to 54". Easel...

                                        Soft-Side Portfolio
                                        Retail: $37.99
                                        Item #: AA18118 - See more from

                                          Transport, store and protect your artwork in these classic portfolios. Perfect for students and professionals on the go they feature bound seams for added durability, and a full-length easy glide zipper that secures your work and allows for easy...

                                          12" Protractor Ruler
                                          Retail: $5.49
                                          Item #: AA27150 - See more from

                                            Ideal for drafting, design, mathematics and fine art projects, this 12" light-weight, ruler features a 180º protractor for precise angles, scales in both inch and centimeter calibrations and 1/8" and 1/4" architectural scales. The ruler...

                                            12" Rolling Parallel Ruler
                                            Retail: $10.49
                                            Was: $8.20
                                            Item #: AA27019 - See more from

                                              Use this 12" rolling ruler for drawing parallel lines, circles, arcs, angles and 3D objects. It is ideal for students, mathematicians, artists and designers in creating charts, graphs, patterns and technical drawings.

                                              6" Ruler & Geometry Set
                                              Retail: $6.49
                                              Item #: AA27026 - See more from

                                                Perfect for students and professionals alike, this geometry set contains a 180° protractor, 45° and 60° triangles and a 6" ruler. The rulers and triangles all have inch and centimeter calibrations for all your measuring needs, and have a clear...

                                                Safety Compass & Protractor Set
                                                Retail: $4.99
                                                Item #: AA27180 - See more from

                                                  This 2-piece set is ideal for students, professionals and DIY creatives. The compass allows you to draw accurate angles and circles, and the 180° protractor is divided into one degree increments with both inch and metric markings.

                                                  Tilden Aluminum Tripod Easel
                                                  Retail: $50.99
                                                  Item #: AA13205 - See more from

                                                    Light weight and adjustable to use while sitting, standing or placed on a table, the Tilden easel is great for travel. A spring-loaded top clamp secures canvases in place and the telescoping legs with non-skid rubber feet are easily adjusted. The...

                                                    Translucent Self-Healing Cutting Mats
                                                    Retail: $22.99
                                                    Item #: AA17913 - See more from

                                                      Trim photographs, collage materials, textiles, finished artwork or stationary safely and efficiently on this self-healing, double-sided cutting mat. Ideal for artists, students, crafters and DIY makers. The mat protects surfaces from sharp blades,...

                                                      12" Artist Tool Box
                                                      Retail: $24.99
                                                      Item #: AA18512 - See more from

                                                        Get organized with this durable, lockable clear plastic box from Art Alternatives that features blue handles and clasps. Ideal for students, professionals, hobbyists or artists of all kinds. Keep your tools organized, protected and portable.