• Lead Pointer - AA27220
  • Lead Pointer - AA27220
  • Lead Pointer - AA27220
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    Model Number: AA27220
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    Art Alternatives Lead Pointer

    Model Number: AA27220

    For those who prefer lead holders to traditional wooden pencils, this lead pointer sharpens your lead points consistently and easily. Featuring a rotary action sharpener, this lead pointer is ideal for both graphite and colored leads.


    • Built-in point cleaner
    • Automatic cutting stop to keep your leads intact
    • Comfortable grip
    • Use with 2mm Leads


    1. Choose the depth setting hole (on the top of the pointer) for either a sharp or blunt point.
    2. Release the lead just enough that it goes to the bottom of the hole and secure the lead in place.
    3. Insert lead holder inside the large hole and rotate to sharpen the lead.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions:
    • Product Weight: 0.1 lbs.
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    Art Alternatives Lead Pointer