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Lead Pointer Refill Cleaning Pads
Retail: $2.95
Item #: 1110CP - See more from Pacific Arc

Cleaning pads for lead pointers 2/pack.

Mars Lead Pointer
Retail: $11.00
Item #: 502 BK - See more from Staedtler

This Lead Pointer has two point selections -- fine point for drawing and normal point for writing. Automatic cutting stop and built-in point cleaner. Includes extra cleaning pads.

Lead Pointer
Retail: $14.99
Was: $11.70
Item #: AA27220 - See more from Art Alternatives

For those who prefer lead holders to traditional wooden pencils, this lead pointer sharpens your lead points consistently and easily. Featuring a rotary action sharpener, this lead pointer is ideal for both graphite and colored leads.

Rotary Lead Pointer Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Lead Pointers
Retail: $11.57
Item #: ALP41 - See more from Alvin Drafting

This rotary lead pointer is made from durable, light-weight plastic that's sturdy and long-lasting for extended use.  This high rotary lead pointer measures only 2.5", making it easily portable between classes or from the office to the...

Rotary Lead Pointer
Retail: $10.95
Item #: 1110 - See more from Pacific Arc

The Hand Held Rotary Lead Pointer goes with you: compact unit features steel cutting blades, lead taper guides on top along with a cleaning pad. Includes extra cleaning pads.

Sandpaper Pointer
Retail: $1.62
Item #: SDP-10 - See more from Pacific Arc

File your drawing pencils and lead into the sharpest points with Sandpaper Lead Pointer. With a paddle-like design, this handy tool features twelve tear-away sandpaper sheets you can use to shape a variety of 2mm leads. Create custom tapers,...

Miniature Lead Pointer
Retail: $0.59
Item #: 315.003EA - See more from Pacific Arc

Small, light, and efficient: puts a point on any 2mm lead with ease.

Desktop Lead Pointer Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Lead Pointers
Retail: $31.97
Item #: EP17 - See more from Alvin Drafting

The Alvin Drafting EP17 desktop lead pointer has smooth lead pointing that is designed for consistent reliability and ease of use, with a sharpening action that will always produce the best points.

Sandpaper Pointer Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Lead Pointers
Retail: $1.03
Item #: 3435EA - See more from Alvin Drafting

Points tortillions, blending stumps, pencils, leads, charcoal and crayons by hand. Use to deburr mats after cutting. 12 sheets of sand-paper mounted on wooden handle.

Lead pointers are specialized tools used to sharpen the lead of 2mm lead holders, particularly those used for drafting, sketching, and technical drawing. Here's more information on lead pointers and how they are used:

Design and Functionality: Lead pointers typically consist of a small, handheld device with a cylindrical chamber that houses the pencil lead. Inside the chamber, there is a rotating blade or abrasive mechanism that shaves off the outer layer of the lead, creating a sharp point.

Usage: To use a lead pointer, you insert the lead holder graphite into the chamber and rotate it while applying slight pressure. This action causes the blade or abrasive mechanism to shave off the excess lead, gradually forming a sharp point. Some lead pointers feature adjustable mechanisms to control the sharpness and length of the point.


  1. Precision: Lead pointers create sharp, precise points on 2mm mechanical pencils, allowing for accurate and clean lines in drafting and technical drawing.
  2. Consistency: By maintaining a consistent point size, lead pointers ensure uniformity in line thickness and quality throughout the drawing process.
  3. Convenience: Portable and easy to use, lead pointers are convenient tools for artists and drafters working on the go or in various settings.
  4. Longevity: Properly sharpened lead results in less breakage and wastage.

Lead pointers are essential tools for maintaining sharp and precise points on 2mm lead holder/mechanical pencils, ensuring optimal performance in drafting, sketching, and technical drawing tasks. By providing consistency, convenience, and longevity, lead pointers are indispensable accessories for artists, architects, engineers, and anyone who relies on 2mm lead for their creative or professional work.