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Drafting Dots Drafting Supplies, Tapes and Adhesives, Drafting Tape, Dots, and Strips
Retail: $15.17
Item #: DM123 - See more from Alvin Drafting

    Self-adhesive Alvin Professional Drafting Dots hold drawings, fine art, and blueprints firmly in place while you work.

    Drafting Dots
    Retail: $11.50
    Item #: DOT-500 - See more from Pacific Arc

      A modern replacement for drafting tape, these drafting tape dots securely hold blueprints, artwork, drafting documents, and more. The adhesive offers a strong hold on most surfaces without leaving any sticky residue, and the reduced tack ensures...

      Drafting Tape Drafting Supplies, Tapes and Adhesives, Drafting Tape, Dots, and Strips
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      Price: $6.40-$10.60
      Retail: $8.27
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        Alvin drafting tape features a smooth, low-tack surface, allowing T-squares and triangles to glide effortlessly over drawings without catching. It removes cleanly, leaving no stains, sticky residue, or damage to the surface.

        Drafting Tape
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        Price: $2.30-$6.70
        Retail: $3.30
        Item #: 075-10 - See more from Pacific Arc

          Pacific Arc Drafting tape is recommended for use on all paper and vellum. This tape features a specially formulated adhesive, strong enough to securely hold paper and vellum to the drawing surface, gentle enough to be easily removed without...

          Drafting Dots
          Retail: $15.85
          Item #: 25900J01 - See more from Koh-i-Noor

            The Koh-I-Noor Drafting Dots securely hold drafting media in place, preventing snags on paper corners. Measuring 7/8 inch in diameter, these white labels feature a repositionable adhesive that leaves no sticky residue. Each dispenser box contains...

            Drafting Dots
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            Price: $11.10
            Retail: $14.50
            Item #: 999 172D - See more from Staedtler

              Say goodbye to tape and clips; keep your surfaces steady, wrinkle-free, and secure with these self-adhesive, repositionable dots. They make positioning drafting media on your drawing board effortless. These dots are also ideal for crafters and...

              Masking Tape
              Price: $3.20-$12.50
              Retail: $3.99
              Item #: AA20170 - See more from Art Alternatives

                The Art Alternatives masking tape is ideal for use with all types of paint. Use on paper, canvas or wood. Ideal for blocking out swatches of color, line-making, taping paper down, and more.Available in different widths with 60yds length.3" Core. ...

                Artist Tape
                Price: $10.80-$16.60
                Retail: $15.67
                Item #: 2500-A - See more from Alvin Drafting

                  Easy-to-use, white, pressure-sensitive paper tape is ideal for masking errors and making corrections either in ink or pencil and on just about any surface including artwork, photographic negatives, drafting papers, and design boards. 

                  Heavy-Duty Tape Dispenser
                  Retail: $17.00
                  Item #: Tape-25 - See more from Alvin & Co.

                    A heavy-duty weighted tape dispenser of contemporary design.  Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. 

                    Drafting tape and drafting dots are a specialized adhesive tape designed for use in drafting, architectural drawing, engineering, and artistic applications. They typically feature low-tack adhesive properties, which allow it to be easily removed without damaging delicate drawing surfaces or leaving residue behind.

                    Here's how drafting tape and dots are commonly used:

                    1. Securing Drawings: Drafting tape and dots are used to secure drawings to drafting tables or drawing boards, preventing them from shifting or moving during the drafting process. They provide temporary adhesion, allowing drawings to be easily repositioned or removed as needed.
                    2. Attaching Overlays: Drafting tape is often used to attach overlays or additional sheets of paper to drawings. This allows architects, drafters, and engineers to make annotations, revisions, or additions to their drawings without altering the original design.
                    3. Masking Areas: Drafting tape can be used to mask off specific areas of a drawing to protect them from unintended marks or smudges. This is particularly useful when working on intricate or detailed drawings that require precision and cleanliness.
                    4. Labeling: Drafting tape can be used to create labels or markers on drawings, indicating specific features, annotations, or sections. Architects, drafters, and engineers often use drafting tape to label different parts of their drawings for clarity and organization.
                    5. Presentation: Drafting tape/dots is commonly used to mount drawings on presentation boards or panels for client meetings, reviews, or presentations. Its low-tack adhesive properties allow drawings to be securely attached without damaging the paper or surface, ensuring a professional and polished presentation.

                    Overall, drafting tape and drafting dots are versatile and indispensable tools for architects, drafters, engineers, artists, and designers. The ability to provide temporary adhesion while being easily removable makes them ideal for a wide range of drafting and drawing applications, contributing to precision, organization, and professionalism in every project.