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Porta-Trace LED Stainless Steel Light Boxes
Retail: $485.91
Item #: 1012-1L - See more from Gagne

    The Gagne Porta-Trace LED stainless steel light box is the "work-horse" of the Porta-Trace line! Gagne Stainless Steel Lightboxes have been a staple of various industries for years as they are a versatile tool used widely in the craft, art,...

    LightPad LX Light Boxes
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    Price: $99.99-$259.99
    Retail: $169.99
    Item #: 25920 - See more from Artograph

      These light boxes feature Super Bright LED lamps that provide a perfectly even illuminated surface to take projects to the next level. Each LightPad has a durable extruded aluminum frame and a double layered illuminated surface for a firm work...

      Wafer Lightboxes
      Price: $149.10-$272.40
      Retail: $179.99
      Item #: DIU35040 - See more from Daylight

        Ultra bright, ultra slim, ultra light, the Daylight Wafer lightbox is your must have tool for tracing, on paper or fabric. LED lightbox for an even brightness from edge to edge, the light is dimmable to suit paper weight and fabric thickness and...

        Featherweight LightPad
        Price: $79.99-$129.99
        Retail: $99.99
        Item #: 25830 - See more from Artograph

          he Featherweight LightPad is a light-weight, portable lightbox that is super bright and ultra-thin. The brightness is easily adjustable, and the dimmable light varies from 500 to 7500 lux. Useful for tracing or transfering an image for patterns,...

          Artograph Futura Light Table
          Retail: $649.99
          Item #: 10062 - See more from Studio Designs

            The Artograph Futura Light Table was designed with a custom, integrated Artograph LightPad and is perfect for tracing, scrapbooking, embossing, stenciling, calligraphy, quilting and sewing projects.

            LightPad Stackable PadPucks - Set of 4
            Retail: $39.99
            Item #: 25946 - See more from Artograph

              A convenient and simple method for tilting or adjusting any model LightPad® as well as to any tablet, laptop or drawing a variety of convenient heights and angles. Includes 4 unique PadPucks® which are designed to support any size...

              LightTracer Lightbox
              Retail: $99.99
              Item #: 25365 - See more from Artograph

                The LightTracer® has a slanted surface, making it more comfortable to use than a standard flat lightbox. Rest the light-weight LightTracer on your lap or table and you have a comfortable surface at a good angle for creative work. With brilliant LED...

                Adjustable Light Table
                Retail: $4,008.40
                Item #: LT-4424 - See more from Diversified Woodcrafts

                  We've put fun into drawing with our light table! This table is constructed of a maple hard wood frame and a plastic laminate almond colored top. The shatter-resistant glass inset gives maximum diffusion of light with minimum glare and no hot spots....

                  Light Table
                  Retail: $2,142.40
                  Item #: LT-3222M - See more from Diversified Woodcrafts

                    A fixed angle (22 degrees) light table for your most important projects. It has a shatter resistant glass insert that gives a maximum diffusion of light with minimum glare and no hot spots.

                    Porta-Trace LED Light Table
                    Price: $1,872.10-$2,452.70
                    Retail: $2,278.72
                    Item #: 2436TC-LED - See more from Gagne

                      This eco-friendly LED light table is one of the brightest on the market!  

                      10" x 12" Color Corrected Light Box
                      Retail: $171.50
                      Was: $114.90
                      Item #: PT1012-2 - See more from Porta-Trace

                        The tough stainless steel frame and the thick Plexiglas top team together to provide a durable tool for years to come. Porta-Trace light boxes provide bright, even light and virtually eliminate hot spots.