Art Projectors, Light Boxes and Spray Booths from Artograph. From the first art projector, assembled in a garage over 6 decades ago, to the state-of-the-art models precision-built today, Artograph has always strived to deliver easy-to-use, reliable products. Our products have changed over the years, but our commitment to workmanship and creativity is as strong as ever. From our art projectors, light boxes and spray booths to our Open Studio furniture line, everything is designed with the artist in mind. We look forward to the next half century as we continue to make the creative process more rewarding and productive for our customers.
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LightTracer Lightbox
Retail: $99.99
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    The LightTracer® has a slanted surface, making it more comfortable to use than a standard flat lightbox. Rest the light-weight LightTracer on your lap or table and you have a comfortable surface at a good angle for creative work. With brilliant LED...

    Prism Projector
    Price: $265.99
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    Retail: $379.99
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      Designed for projecting a wide variety of original sketches, line drawings, and patterns. The reversible lens allows a projection range from 80% reduction to 20 times enlargement in full color. Great for fine art, illustrations, murals,...

      Super Prism Lens
      Price: $99.99
      Free Shipping!
      Retail: $149.99
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        For added magnification on your Prism Projector add our Super Prism Lens to achieve 20x the enlargement. A 3-element, color-corrected lens for sharper images and increased brightness. The Super Lens enlarges originals from 2 to 20 times. To achieve...

        EZ Tracer Portable, Projector
        Retail: $69.99
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          The EZ Tracer® enlarges any design or pattern from a 4 x 4 inch / 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm copy area onto a wall or easel from 2 to 10 times enlargement. (For larger images, work in sections.) Create murals, paintings, signs, and banners faster and...

          LightPad Stackable PadPucks - Set of 4
          Retail: $39.99
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            A convenient and simple method for tilting or adjusting any model LightPad® as well as to any tablet, laptop or drawing a variety of convenient heights and angles. Includes 4 unique PadPucks® which are designed to support any size...

            Featherweight LightPad
            Price: $79.99-$129.99
            Retail: $99.99
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              he Featherweight LightPad is a light-weight, portable lightbox that is super bright and ultra-thin. The brightness is easily adjustable, and the dimmable light varies from 500 to 7500 lux. Useful for tracing or transfering an image for patterns,...

              LED Tracer Projector
              Retail: $139.99
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                The LED Tracer® Opaque Art Projector makes Tracing, Enlarging, and Transferring Images Easy! The Perfect Tool for Decorators, Crafters, Artists, Painters, and Hobbyists.

                LightPad LX Light Boxes
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                Price: $119.99-$349.99
                Retail: $169.99
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                  These light boxes feature Super Bright LED lamps that provide a perfectly even illuminated surface to take projects to the next level. Each LightPad has a durable extruded aluminum frame and a double layered illuminated surface for a firm work...