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k18 Grip-On Knife with Safety Cap
Retail: $7.90
Item #: EX16019 - See more from Excel

    The Excel Blades K18 Cushion Grip Knife features a #11 double-honed blade for precision cutting. Its hex-shaped screw prevents rolling, ensuring stability during use. The four-jaw chuck securely holds the blade in place. Available in a variety of...

    k1 Light-Duty Hobby Knife
    Price: $3.10-$4.95
    Retail: $3.50
    Item #: EX16001 - See more from Excel

      For Home, Art, Hobby, and Industrial use.  Excel Blades' best selling paper cutter!

      Gripster Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
      Price: $8.40
      Retail: $8.47
      Item #: XA3627 - See more from X-Acto

        The X-Acto Gripster represents the next evolution of the #1 Knife, featuring a soft rubberized barrel for comfort and control, a rear-release mechanism for easy and safe blade changing, and an anti-roll design to prevent slipping. This cutting and...

        Easy Miter Box Deluxe Drafting Supplies, Architectural Model Building Supplies, Modeling Tools and Adhesives, Cutting Tools
        Retail: $18.15
        Item #: MI1136 - See more from Midwest Products

          Molded miter box with 22½° 30° 45° and 90° angle cuts. Designed for cutting stock up to 1/2" thick and up to 2" wide. Three clamps hold material securely in place while cutting. Includes Zona razor saw and thin .010 blade...

          #1 Precision Knife
          Price: $5.20-$8.75
          Retail: $5.24
          Item #: XA3601Q3 - See more from X-Acto

            The X-ACTO Basic Precision Knife, complete with a safety cap, is perfect for delicate cutting, stripping, and trimming tasks. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle and a #1 Blade style, this knife effortlessly cuts through paper, plastic, thin...

            Builders Knife and Hobby Tool Set
            Retail: $84.00
            Item #: EX44288 - See more from Excel

              The Excel Blades Builder Set is an essential toolkit for artists at every skill level. Housed in an elegant wooden case with a clasp lock, this collection ensures long-lasting protection for your tools. It includes knife handles equipped with a...

              Super Deluxe Knife Set
              Retail: $117.60
              Item #: EX44200 - See more from Excel

                Excel Blades' Super Deluxe Knife Set is a one of a kind necessity to artists in all levels. The Hobby Knife Set includes knife handles that house a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty knife;...

                X2000 Knife
                Price: $10.35
                Retail: $10.41
                Item #: XA3724 - See more from X-Acto

                  The X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife sets the standard for precision and accuracy in cutting tools. If your job or project demands surgical precision and laser-like accuracy, look no further than the X2000 Precision Knife. Crafted from high-quality...

                  Easy Cutter Drafting Supplies, Architectural Model Building Supplies, Modeling Tools and Adhesives, Cutting Tools
                  Retail: $33.53
                  Item #: MI1126 - See more from Midwest Products

                    The Easy Cutter is a fast and accurate tool for cutting small wood strips to a desired length for modeling projects, sculpture and a variety of crafts. It features imperial and metric markings, an integral protractor for precise angles and high...

                    Hobby Knife Set
                    Price: $25.40
                    Retail: $42.40
                    Item #: EX44382 - See more from Excel

                      CRAFT HOBBY KNIFE SET: The most effective blades on the market, this hobby crafting knife set is a perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with an interest in arts and crafts applications, wood carving, scrapbooking, model...

                      Aluminum Miter Box
                      Price: $11.90
                      Retail: $17.20
                      Item #: EX55665 - See more from Excel

                        The Metal 5.25-inch Excel Mitre Box is a professional-quality hand-powered tool, perfect for hobbyists and woodworkers. It is considered an indispensable tool of the trade, engineered with high-quality aluminum and steel to ensure strength and...

                        k850 Heavy-Duty Plastic Snap Blade Knife
                        Retail: $5.60
                        Item #: EX16850 - See more from Excel

                          Excel Blades K850 Plastic Body Snap Blade Knife is designed with a metal reinforced blade support for extra stability, #7 8-point snap blade (18mm) and a position lock for your safety. This economical knife works great for almost any heavy-duty...

                          Razor Saw Set
                          Price: $10.40-$14.70
                          Retail: $15.07
                          Item #: EX55001 - See more from Excel

                            Looking to enhance your toolkit? Consider our Razor Saw Set, perfect for hobbyists and woodworkers, hailed as an essential tool of the trade. Engineered with premium aluminum and steel, our hobby razor saw promises strength and durability, earning...

                            k2 Medium Duty Knife
                            Retail: $6.00
                            Item #: EX16002 - See more from Excel

                              The Excel Blades K2 Medium Duty Aluminum knife excels at cutting paper, film, stencils, wood, cloth, leather, and more! It features a super sharp #24 deburring blade, a 4-jaw aluminum chuck for blade stability, and a shatterproof safety cap. Made...

                              Professional Hobby Knife Set
                              Retail: $47.00
                              Item #: EX44290 - See more from Excel

                                This set is used by hobbyists, artists, designers, foam smiths, leather workers, paper illustrators, miniaturists & model makers, scrapbook artists, crafters and creators. For convenient storage, this set is encased in a simple wooden case which...

                                Super Easy Cutter Drafting Supplies, Architectural Model Building Supplies, Modeling Tools and Adhesives, Cutting Tools
                                Retail: $27.95
                                Item #: MI1128 - See more from Midwest Products

                                  Eliminating the need for expensive and intimidating power tools, the Super Easy Cutter is designed to cut a variety of materials for craft, hobby and household projects. It provides a fast and accurate way to cut both balsa and hardwood strips,...

                                  Aluminum Miter Box withSaw
                                  Retail: $32.10
                                  Item #: EX55666 - See more from Excel

                                    The Metal Mitre Saw Set features a Heavy Duty K5 Hobby Knife Handle paired with a 5-inch steel Pull Saw Blade (with 46 teeth per inch) and includes a 6-inch hand-powered Excel Mitre Box. This professional-grade tool is perfect for hobbyists and...