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    Model Number: XA3601
    Brand: X-Acto
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    X-Acto No. 1 Precision Knife

    Model Number: XA3601 / XA3311

    The X-ACTO #1 precision knife set is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. This cutting and trimming tool has been used for years by graphics artists, designers, hobbyists and others for making careful cuts and trims consistently and with confidence.

    • 4-7/8" aluminum handle
    • Includes No. 11 blade for precision cutting of lightweight materials like paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film, and acetate.
    • This knife handle also works with No. 10, 12, 16, and 17 blades.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions:
    • Product Weight: 0.07 lbs.
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    X-Acto No. 1 Precision Knife