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Straightedge Rewiring Kit
Retail: $27.55
Item #: PEP-DEW - See more from DEW Exclusive

    Includes 27 1/2' of stainless steel wire, spring, and two eyelets.  This wire can be used with top mounted Mayline, Alvin and Martin Universal Straightedges and Parallel Bars.

    1101-30 : Alvin 30" Paral-Liner Parallel Straightedge
    Retail: $203.97
    Item #: 1101-30 - See more from Alvin Drafting

      The Alvin Paral-Liner Straightedge Parallel Bars are perfect for drafting, engineering and construction applications.

      Straightedge Hardware Kit Drafting Furniture, Drafting Tables & Table Accessories, Straightedge Parallel Bars, Straightedge Replacement Parts
      Retail: $18.77
      Item #: SH15 - See more from Alvin Drafting

        Contains two front wire connectors, two rear pulley assemblies, and six 3/4" screws. Wire not included. Hardware kit for models 1101 and 2201 made 2015 or later.

        Para-Liner Deluxe Parallel Straightedges
        Retail: $239.27
        Item #: 2201-36 - See more from Alvin Drafting

          A deluxe version of the popular Alvin Paral-Liner series, with an integral comfort grip bar to control straightedge movement.

          Pro-Draft Parallel Bar
          Retail: $247.90
          Item #: 83-172736 - See more from Martin Universal

            The Martin® Pro-Draft Professional Parallel Straightedge comprises cutting-edge technology making the premier straightedge in its class. It features an aluminum body for strength and stability, anti-warp cast acrylic bottom making it suitable for...

            PXB Side Bracket Kit
            Retail: $16.47
            Item #: BX2N - See more from Alvin Drafting

              Replacement parts for PXB boards made 2014 and after. Includes a set of 2 metal side brackets and 2 of each metal side brackets, plastic end caps, wire capture knobs, and T-bolts.

              Professional Parallel Bars
              Price: $158.10-$181.60
              Retail: $224.00
              Item #: P1030B - See more from Pacific Arc

                The Pacific Arc Straightedge Parallel Bars are perfect for drafting, engineering and construction applications.

                Even in today’s world of electronics, many drafting and design professionals are still using parallel straightedges to draw a line that is straight. Parallel Bars help with detailed drawings but can also be used for quick sketches before reproducing your ideas electronically.

                Professional mobile straightedges afford friction-less operation through the floating action of the nylon or metal rollers mounted underneath the blade while straightedges with no rollers are a more economical option.