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Paral-Liner Parallel Straightedges
Retail: $226.57
Item #: 1101-30 - See more from Alvin Drafting

The Alvin Drafting Paral-Liner Parallel Straightedge Bar enables precise and swift sketching with retractable rollers that lock the blade in place for precise drawing. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions for...

Pro-Draft Parallel Bar
Retail: $275.20
Item #: 83-172736 - See more from Martin Universal

The MartinĀ® Pro-Draft Professional Parallel Straightedge comprises cutting-edge technology making the premier straightedge in its class. It features an aluminum body for strength and stability, anti-warp cast acrylic bottom making it suitable for...

Para-Liner Deluxe Parallel Straightedges
Retail: $265.67
Item #: 2201-36 - See more from Alvin Drafting

A deluxe version of the popular Alvin Paral-Liner series, this straightedge features a comfort grip bar for precise control of movement. Quick and detailed sketching is facilitated by retractable rollers that secure the blade for accurate drawing....

Professional Parallel Bars
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Price: $141.30-$204.20
Retail: $194.88
Item #: P1030B - See more from Pacific Arc

The Pacific Arc Straightedge Parallel Bars are perfect for drafting, engineering and construction applications.

Straightedge parallel bars are indispensable tools for precision drafting and technical drawing tasks. Designed to provide straight and parallel lines with accuracy, these bars are commonly used on drafting tables to ensure a consistent and professional outcome. They come in various lengths to accommodate different paper sizes and drafting needs. The parallel bars are adjustable and can be easily moved horizontally or locked in place, offering flexibility and control over the drawing process. Crafted from durable materials such as aluminum or acrylic, these straightedge parallel bars are built to withstand regular use while maintaining their straightness. Whether used by architects, engineers, or artists, these tools enhance the efficiency and accuracy of drafting work, making them an essential component of any drafting toolkit.