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Navidad Deluxe H-Style Bamboo Easel
Retail: $1,170.00
Item #: ES-NA89 - See more from

    The Navidad Deluxe H-Style Bamboo Easel is the second in a series of full-sized studio easels crafted entirely from bamboo, a completely renewable and highly regenerative natural resource that is practical, durable, strong, responsible,...

    Electrical Graphic Symbols
    Retail: $10.50
    Item #: PT-479 - See more from

      Pacific Arc Electrical Template are the ideal tools to make exact specifications for geometry, drawings, plans, and sketches.

      Circle Master II Template
      Retail: $9.30
      Item #: PT-144 - See more from

        Pacific Arc Circle Template Guides are the ideal tools to make exact specifications for geometry, drawings, plans, and sketches.

        Plain Flexible Curves
        Price: $5.60-$11.90
        Retail: $8.31
        Item #: FXC-12 - See more from

          Flexible Curves offer professionals the flexibility to create an infinite variety of curves tailored to their specific requirements.

          7" x 5" Cross Section Sketch Pad
          Retail: $5.69
          Item #: 1424-01 - See more from

            Alvin 1424-1 - 7" x 5" Cross Section Sketch Pad

            Plastic Vernier Caliper
            Retail: $6.49
            Item #: VC6-1001 - See more from

              The Pacific Arc plastic Vernier Caliper is made to assist in any home project or DIYs. This caliper can measure the external or internal diameter of an object, and also provides the depth of an object. This tool saves time and money for...

              Leon Traditional Table-Top Bamboo Easel
              Retail: $91.00
              Item #: ET-LE21 - See more from

                Small in size but not stature, the Leon Table Top Bamboo Easel combines traditional practicality with eco-friendly beauty. Constructed of solid bamboo, a completely renewable and highly regenerative natural resource that is practical, durable,...

                13" Beam Compass Extension Bar
                Retail: $10.26
                Item #: PBC-E13 - See more from

                  Beam Compass Accessory: Extension Bar, 13"

                  12" Scholastic Combination Scale
                  Retail: $6.50
                  Item #: 91300-B - See more from

                    The Economy Scholastic Inch/Metric Scales provide budget-friendly options for students and those on tight budgets. Despite their affordable price, these white scales maintain durability and quality with their sturdy plastic construction. Designed...

                    Angelina Lyre-Style Bamboo Easel
                    Retail: $286.00
                    Item #: ES-AN50 - See more from

                      Simple, affordable and practical, the Angelina Bamboo Easel offers artists the beauty and strength of solid bamboo at an extremely affordable price. Featuring a traditional lyre design, ANGELINA easily adjusts both canvas angle and height,...

                      12" x 50yds. 55Y Sketch Paper Roll
                      Retail: $25.35
                      Item #: 55Y-G - See more from

                        Pacific Arc 55Y yellow semi-transparent tracing paper is ideal for making copies or transferring drawings from one surface to another. Yellow Tracing Paper Roll made with 7 lb acid free paper.

                        5.6mm Premium Lead Holder
                        Retail: $10.95
                        Item #: H-1560P - See more from

                          HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This 5.6mm graphite holder is made of High Quality Acrylic. The construction and heft will withstand any abuse that is thrown its way. This makes it the perfect lead holder for carpentry, drawing, architecture, and many...

                          Tabletop Rover Aluminum Easel
                          Item #: ET-A15B - See more from

                            The "Rover" aluminum table top easel is perfect for home and travel: weighs only 0.7 lbs and comes complete with carry bag. Holds canvas up to 20" tall and 1.5" deep. 

                            Comfort Grip Scissors
                            Retail: $7.45
                            Item #: 723-08 - See more from

                              All purpose scissor that is ideal for home, school, office, sewing, and crafts.

                              11" x 17" Isometric Vellum Pad
                              Retail: $85.32
                              Item #: 116VIS-1117P - See more from

                                Professional drafting vellum from Pacific Arc offers guaranteed maximum performance at a refreshingly affordable price.  This vellum is ideal for architecture and drafting.

                                Pecos Pastel/Watercolor Studio Bamboo Easel
                                Retail: $540.80
                                Item #: ES-PE46 - See more from

                                  New to the line, the Pecos Pastel/Watercolor Studio Bamboo Easel offers all the eco-friendly and naturally beautiful benefits of solid bamboo construction in a format ideal for watercolor and pastel artists. Adjustable to virtually any angle,...

                                  Graphite Sticks
                                  Price: $3.00-$4.80
                                  Retail: $4.36
                                  Item #: GS Series - See more from

                                    Graphite Sticks are traditional drawing tools that provide sharp, crisp lines as well as broad gestural strokes. Crafted from the same creamy, smooth graphite used in our drawing pencils. Available open stock and sets.

                                    Electronic Controls Template
                                    Retail: $8.75
                                    Item #: PT-412 - See more from

                                      Pacific Arc Template Guides are the ideal tools to make exact specifications for geometry, drawings, plans, and sketches.

                                      Deluxe Mesh Bag
                                      Price: $9.00-$15.60
                                      Retail: $15.90
                                      Item #: FBH-1216 - See more from

                                        Pacific Arc's Artist Deluxe bag is the perfect carrying case, equipped with sturdy handles and deep pockets.

                                        Llano Collapsible Field Bamboo Easel
                                        Retail: $103.95
                                        Item #: EF-LL41 - See more from

                                          With the Llano Portable Bamboo Easel you can -and should- take it with you. Accommodating canvas up to 41", Llano is easy to set up, quick to take down, and at only four pounds, comfortable to carry. Sturdy and stunning, the natural bamboo...

                                          30cm Professional Metric Scale 06
                                          Retail: $8.31
                                          Item #: 92306 - See more from

                                            The Professional Premium Plastic Triangular Metric Scales, made in Japan, offer precise etched graduations and enduring strength. With their slender core design and high-quality plastic construction, these scales ensure accuracy and durability for...

                                            Bivouac Studio Aluminum Easel
                                            Retail: $201.20
                                            Item #: ES-AL67B - See more from

                                              The "Bivouac" Studio Easel is a lightweight aluminum easel designed for artists on a budget. Weighs only 7 lbs, yet stands a full 67" tall and can hold canvas up to 47" tall and 1.5" deep. Sturdy, durable and affordable.

                                              Clear Acrylic Professional Triangles - Straight Edge
                                              Retail: $3.45
                                              See more from

                                                The Pacific Arc Clear Professional triangles will not discolor or warp with age and handling. 

                                                12" Scholastic Engineer Scale
                                                Retail: $6.50
                                                Item #: 91121 - See more from

                                                  The Economy Scholastic Triangular Engineer Scales present a cost-effective solution tailored for students and individuals with constrained budgets. These white scales are optimal for scenarios requiring frugality, offering indispensable...

                                                  12" Scholastic Architect Scale
                                                  Retail: $6.50
                                                  Item #: 91120 - See more from

                                                    Economy Scholastic Triangular Architect Scales offer a budget-friendly option for students and those with limited resources. These white scales are ideal for situations where budgets are tight, providing essential functionality without compromising...

                                                    Erasing Shield
                                                    Retail: $1.49
                                                    Item #: ER-26 - See more from

                                                      Easy to use for drawing, drafting, technical or scholastic use.Made of high quality .005" flexible stainless steel with 26 precision tooled apertures. For precise and controlled erasing. Polished finish resists tarnishing. 

                                                      Circle Master Template
                                                      Retail: $5.00
                                                      Item #: PT-145 - See more from

                                                        Made of a strong translucent green plastic, these templates are perfect for use on any surface and will not obscure the surface you are working on. 45 circles from 1/16" to 2.25"

                                                        Fluorescent Triangles - Straight Edge
                                                        Retail: $4.03
                                                        Item #: 2030F / 2045F - See more from

                                                          The Pacific Arc Professional Fluorescent triangle is extremely popular because the refracted light has an illuminating effect on the drawing by accentuating the triangles edge.