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Graphic/Marker Bond Paper
Price: $14.90-$55.55
Retail: $21.09
Item #: 9ES00200 - See more from Seth Cole

    100% cotton layout marker bond. This is a #70 specifically developed paper for felt nib markers or pen markers. Will hold unusually sharp, crisp non-bleeding edges and lines. Will not bleed through to the next sheet even with heavy coverage....

    Paper for Pens Pad
    Retail: $22.00
    Item #: 9ZE01000 - See more from Seth Cole

      Seth Cole's #96 is a super smooth, hard surface paper perfect for all fine pen and ink work. The bright white surface is bleed-proof. No featering, no wicking, opaque paper. Great for technical pens and calligraphy.

      360-1 : Bienfang 9" x 12" Graphics 360 Layout Paper Pad
      Retail: $18.38
      Item #: BF316-121 - See more from Bienfang

        Specially formulated for design to accept the heavy coverage of felt tip markers without bleeding. Colors will flow smoothly and hold sharp edges. White sheets with fine surface texture have very good translucency excellent transparency and...

        400 Series Marker Paper Pad - 18" x 24"  Drafting Paper & Drawing Media, Drawing & Illustration, Marker & Pen Paper
        Retail: $39.95
        Item #: SM497-18 - See more from Strathmore

          This paper pad features super smooth, heavyweight, marker paper for fine artists. Markers glide easily over the silky smooth surface, aiding blending and supporting vibrant color and subtle hues. The heavyweight sheet is bleed- and...

          Canson Comic Book Art Boards
          Retail: $34.80
          Item #: CN100510872 - See more from Canson

            This heavy-weight paper facilitates drawing comic strips like a pro. The sheets are extra white for superior color contrast and have pre-printed non-reproducible blue lines to assist with art layout. The paper has a smooth texture that is ideal for...

            Canson Pro-Layout Marker Paper Pad
            Price: $13.40-$27.35
            Retail: $19.25
            Item #: CN100511047 - See more from Canson

              This pad features white layout paper specially designed for quick sketches and layouts with pencil, technical pen or felt markers. Watch your artwork come to life with a smooth surface that maintains true color and brilliance without fading or...

              Marker and pen paper stands as a specialized canvas tailored to optimize the unique qualities of markers and pens in the realm of artistic expression. Engineered with a smooth and bleed-resistant surface, this paper serves as an ideal substrate for those who wield markers and pens as their primary tools. The formulation of this paper type is carefully crafted to resist ink spreading or feathering, ensuring that each stroke remains clean and precise. Artists, illustrators, and graphic designers appreciate the reliability of marker and pen paper, which not only enhances the vibrancy of colors but also allows for intricate line work and detailing. Whether creating detailed illustrations, technical drawings, or expressive sketches, this paper type offers a durable and steadfast canvas that showcases the true potential of markers and pens, enabling artists to achieve smooth, controlled applications without compromising the integrity of the paper surface. In the hands of creative minds, marker and pen paper becomes an essential medium, facilitating the realization of intricate visions and meticulous designs.