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Stainless Steel Graduated Straightedges
Retail: $29.93
Item #: SSTE-1012 - See more from Pacific Arc

Created from highest quality 0.09" thick pure stainless steel and features beveled edges on one side with a flat edge on the other. Ideal for drawing, cutting, paper tearing, etc. These straight edges are the industry's finest and will provide...

Stainless Steel Cutting Straightedge Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Cutting Straightedges, Alvin Tempered Stainless Steel Cutting Straightedges
Retail: $89.67
Item #: 1109-24 - See more from Alvin Drafting

This stainless steel cutting rule is perfect for all kinds of cutting requirements.

Steel Edge AlumiCutter
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Price: $11.50-$26.85
Retail: $17.95
Item #: 1342-1 - See more from Alumicolor

Alumicolor Steel Edge AlumiCutters measure and then yes the cutting edge without changing tools. AlumiCutter's raised edge and finger groove protect fingers while cutting. Use the AlumiCutter with a hobby knife or rotary knife for safe cutting! The...

Stainless Steel Cutting Straightedges
Retail: $31.18
Item #: SST-18 - See more from Pacific Arc

This stainless steel cutting rule is perfect for all kinds of cutting requirements and is ideal for drawing, cutting, paper tearing, etc. These straightedges are the industries finest and will provide years of service.

Professional Non-Slip Straightedge
Retail: $35.25
Item #: 1204-1 - See more from Alumicolor

Alumicolor’s Non-Slip Professional Straight Edges are made with extra wide 2" tempered aluminum with a neoprene non-slip backing. Stays in place easily with slight pressure and permanent calibrations resist being cleaned or rubbed off.

Acrylic Cutting-Edge Triangles
Retail: $16.99
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These clear acrylic triangles features grid markings including centering lines to facilitate scaled drawings, geometric compositions, and detailed linework. These are multi-use tools, handy for measuring, drawing and cutting. Two edges are beveled...

Stainless Steel T-Squares
Retail: $28.99
Item #: AA27103 - See more from Art Alternatives

This T-square is an essential tool for artists, DIY makers, students and professionals alike. Designed for accurate line drawing and cutting, the perpendicular plastic head allows you to line the ruler up so that your lines are square and level....

Professional Steel-Edge T-Squares
Retail: $42.95
Item #: 2280-1 - See more from Alumicolor

The Alumicolor Steel Edge Professional T-Squares have dual stainless steel cutting and inking edges embedded in a tempered aluminum shaft and is made for heavy-duty use. 

Cutting straightedges are essential tools for artists, drafters, and designers, providing a precise guide for accurate cuts and measurements. Crafted from durable materials, these straightedges offer a stable edge that ensures clean and straight cuts, enhancing the overall precision of various cutting tasks in artistic and design projects. With a variety of lengths and features, cutting straightedges are indispensable for achieving professional and meticulous results in activities such as paper trimming, mat cutting, and other precision cutting applications.

The versatility of cutting straightedges extends across a spectrum of artistic and design applications. Whether employed in mat cutting for framing, trimming paper for intricate collage work, or executing precise cuts in drafting projects, these tools play a vital role in achieving professional-grade results. The selection of cutting straightedges varies in terms of length and features, catering to the diverse needs of creative professionals.

Artists and designers often rely on cutting straightedges not only for their functional attributes but also for the assurance they bring to the precision of their work. The straightedge serves as a dependable guide for intricate and detailed cutting, allowing for the creation of artworks, architectural models, and designs with the utmost accuracy. In the realm of crafting and design, the right cutting straightedge becomes an extension of the artist's hand, contributing to the seamless execution of their creative vision.