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Easy Miter Box Deluxe Drafting Supplies, Architectural Model Building Supplies, Modeling Tools and Adhesives, Cutting Tools
Retail: $18.15
Item #: MI1136 - See more from Midwest Products

    Molded miter box with 22½° 30° 45° and 90° angle cuts. Designed for cutting stock up to 1/2" thick and up to 2" wide. Three clamps hold material securely in place while cutting. Includes Zona razor saw and thin .010 blade...

    Aluminum Miter Box
    Price: $11.90
    Retail: $17.20
    Item #: EX55665 - See more from Excel

      The Metal 5.25-inch Excel Mitre Box is a professional-quality hand-powered tool, perfect for hobbyists and woodworkers. It is considered an indispensable tool of the trade, engineered with high-quality aluminum and steel to ensure strength and...

      Razor Saw Set
      Price: $10.40-$14.70
      Retail: $15.07
      Item #: EX55001 - See more from Excel

        Looking to enhance your toolkit? Consider our Razor Saw Set, perfect for hobbyists and woodworkers, hailed as an essential tool of the trade. Engineered with premium aluminum and steel, our hobby razor saw promises strength and durability, earning...

        Aluminum Miter Box withSaw
        Retail: $32.10
        Item #: EX55666 - See more from Excel

          The Metal Mitre Saw Set features a Heavy Duty K5 Hobby Knife Handle paired with a 5-inch steel Pull Saw Blade (with 46 teeth per inch) and includes a 6-inch hand-powered Excel Mitre Box. This professional-grade tool is perfect for hobbyists and...

          Z200 : Zona  Razor Saw
          Price: $9.50
          Retail: $11.75
          Item #: Z200 - See more from Zona

            For all hobby and craft work with 32 teeth per inch and is made of the finest quality .008" thick Swedish steel and is two-thirds thinner than a coping saw blade. Makes fine razor cuts with no danger of splitting chipping or ragged edges.

            Miter boxes and razor saws are indispensable tools for model making enthusiasts, offering precision and versatility in cutting various materials with ease. Here's a look at how these tools are used and why they're valuable in model making:

            Miter Boxes:

            Miter boxes provide a stable and controlled platform for making precise angled cuts in model making projects. They feature adjustable angle settings, allowing craftsmen to cut materials such as wood, plastic, and metal at various angles with accuracy and consistency. Miter boxes are essential for creating clean and precise joints, such as mitered corners, which are commonly used in assembling model structures and frames.

            Razor Saws:

            Razor saws are fine-toothed hand saws designed for making clean and precise cuts in delicate materials commonly used in model making, such as wood, plastic, and resin. These saws feature thin, sharp blades that produce smooth cuts with minimal effort, making them ideal for cutting intricate details and small parts in model projects. Razor saws come in various sizes and tooth configurations to suit different cutting tasks and materials.

            Whether cutting angles for structural components or intricate details for decorative elements, these tools offer model makers the accuracy and confidence needed to bring their creations to life.