Excel is a manufacturer of high quality hand held knives and blades.
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Assorted Light-Duty Replacement Blades
Retail: $3.80
Item #: EX20014 - See more from

    The Excel Blades Assorted Light Duty Blades set offers a selection of 5 high-quality blades designed for light-duty tasks. This assortment includes a #10 Curved Edge Blade, a #16 Stencil Edge Blade, a #17 Small Chisel Blade, and two #11 Double...

    Professional Hobby Knife Set
    Retail: $47.00
    Item #: EX44290 - See more from

      This set is used by hobbyists, artists, designers, foam smiths, leather workers, paper illustrators, miniaturists & model makers, scrapbook artists, crafters and creators. For convenient storage, this set is encased in a simple wooden case which...

      #19 Angled Sharp Edge Blade
      Retail: $4.00
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        These Sharp Edge Angled Blades are ideal for angled chiseling, shaving, cutting, and trimming tasks. The 1-inch sharp edge provides exceptional precision for heavy chiseling and shaping work. The angled design enables more skillful cuts compared to...

        k5 Plastic Heavy-Duty Knife
        Retail: $7.30
        Item #: EX16005 - See more from

          The Excel Blades K5 Plastic Heavy Duty Knife comes with a super sharp #19 blade and a shatter-resistant safety cap. It features a hexagonal plastic handle to prevent rolling and a 4-jaw aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning. This versatile...

          #66 Deluxe Retractable Blade
          Retail: $6.60
          Item #: EX20066 - See more from

            The Replacement Blades for the K48 Executive Retractable Knife come in a package of two and are designed for cutting, scoring, or trimming various materials such as paper, film, plastic, cork, wax, clay, vinyl, and cardstock, among others. These...

            #10 Curved Edge Blade
            Retail: $5.32
            Item #: EX20010 - See more from

              Crafted from carbon steel and coated with a thin layer of oil for rust protection, this razor-sharp #10 curved edge blade offers exceptional maneuverability.  This blade is favored by hobbyists, wood carvers, metal workers, stone masons,...

              k2 Medium Duty Knife
              Retail: $6.00
              Item #: EX16002 - See more from

                The Excel Blades K2 Medium Duty Aluminum knife excels at cutting paper, film, stencils, wood, cloth, leather, and more! It features a super sharp #24 deburring blade, a 4-jaw aluminum chuck for blade stability, and a shatterproof safety cap. Made...

                12.5" x 12.5" Translucent Self-Healing Cutting Mat
                Retail: $15.40
                Was: $10.70
                Item #: EX60035 - See more from

                  The Excel Blades Self-Healing Mat is a must-have accessory for hobbyists and designers who frequently use cutting tools.

                  18mm Snap Blades
                  Price: $4.00
                  Retail: $5.57
                  Item #: EX20007 - See more from

                    Made in the USA, the 18mm Snap Blade is the perfect blade for all heavy-duty projects. This blade is great for cutting cardboard packages, paper, plastic, canvas, card-stock, cloth, film, cork, model making, pumpkin carving, foam boards, tape,...

                    8" Soft Grip Scissors
                    Retail: $10.30
                    Item #: EX55620 - See more from

                      The Excel Blades 8" Office Scissors are designed to be wear-resistant, providing precise and crisp cuts. Made from stainless steel, these versatile shears excel in various tasks, including crafting decorations, handling office and household chores,...

                      Aluminum Miter Box withSaw
                      Retail: $32.10
                      Item #: EX55666 - See more from

                        The Metal Mitre Saw Set features a Heavy Duty K5 Hobby Knife Handle paired with a 5-inch steel Pull Saw Blade (with 46 teeth per inch) and includes a 6-inch hand-powered Excel Mitre Box. This professional-grade tool is perfect for hobbyists and...

                        #11 Double Honed Blades
                        Price: $2.80-$245.00
                        Retail: $3.34
                        Item #: EX20011 - See more from

                          The No. 11 blade is the top choice hobby knife blade, proudly made in the USA from carbon steel. It features a fine point straight edge for precise trimming of wood, plastic, paper, leather, and more. These double honed hobby blades are...

                          k26 Fit Grip Knife
                          Retail: $10.11
                          Item #: EX16026 - See more from

                            The K26 Fit Grip Knife offers a comfortable soft-grip handle with replaceable #11 double-hones blades, safety cap and 4 jaw machined chuck.

                            k18 Grip-On Knife with Safety Cap
                            Retail: $7.90
                            Item #: EX16019 - See more from

                              The Excel Blades K18 Cushion Grip Knife features a #11 double-honed blade for precision cutting. Its hex-shaped screw prevents rolling, ensuring stability during use. The four-jaw chuck securely holds the blade in place. Available in a variety of...

                              #2 Straight-Edge Blades
                              Retail: $4.00
                              Item #: EX20002 - See more from

                                Crafted from carbon steel, these #2 straight edge blades are designed for cutting and trimming thicker materials with precision. Compatible with standard medium to heavy duty craft knives, they work well on matte board, linoleum, foam core,...

                                k1 Light-Duty Hobby Knife
                                Price: $3.10-$4.95
                                Retail: $3.50
                                Item #: EX16001 - See more from

                                  For Home, Art, Hobby, and Industrial use.  Excel Blades' best selling paper cutter!

                                  k47 Executive Retractable Pen Knife
                                  Retail: $26.00
                                  Item #: EX16047 - See more from

                                    The K47 Executive Retractable Knife has a pocket clip for safe storage and a top switch that acts as a retracting mechanism and blade "stopper" during use. Its pen-like handle holds a powerful #65 retractable blade, perfect for cutting, scoring, or...

                                    #65 Executive Retractable Pen Knife Blades
                                    Retail: $6.60
                                    Item #: EX20065 - See more from

                                      This sturdy precision blade boasts a razor-sharp edge and comes in a convenient plastic housing for effortless blade replacement. It is specifically designed for use with the Excel Blades K47 Executive Retractable Knife and is perfect for cutting...

                                      Builders Knife and Hobby Tool Set
                                      Retail: $84.00
                                      Item #: EX44288 - See more from

                                        The Excel Blades Builder Set is an essential toolkit for artists at every skill level. Housed in an elegant wooden case with a clasp lock, this collection ensures long-lasting protection for your tools. It includes knife handles equipped with a...

                                        Super Deluxe Knife Set
                                        Retail: $117.60
                                        Item #: EX44200 - See more from

                                          Excel Blades' Super Deluxe Knife Set is a one of a kind necessity to artists in all levels. The Hobby Knife Set includes knife handles that house a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty knife;...

                                          #17A Narrow Chisel Blades
                                          Retail: $6.90
                                          Item #: EX24017 - See more from

                                            Crafted from carbon steel, these small chisel blades are available in packs of 5 or 100 and are essential for removing layers, shaping materials, and light chiseling tasks. The small chisel design offers exceptional precision, allowing for more...

                                            Deluxe Ship Modelers Set
                                            Retail: $94.90
                                            Item #: EX44291 - See more from

                                              Excel Blades’ Deluxe Ship Modelers Set (44291) is a one of kind necessity to artists in all levels. This collection is encased within a simple yet stunning wooden case (with a clasp lock) that truly protects your tools for years to...

                                              Hobby Knife Set
                                              Price: $25.40
                                              Retail: $42.40
                                              Item #: EX44382 - See more from

                                                CRAFT HOBBY KNIFE SET: The most effective blades on the market, this hobby crafting knife set is a perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with an interest in arts and crafts applications, wood carving, scrapbooking, model...

                                                k48 Deluxe Retractable Pen Knife
                                                Retail: $26.00
                                                Item #: EX16048 - See more from

                                                  The Excel Blades K48 Deluxe Retractable Knife Pen Knife combines functionality and style with its lightweight metal design and pocket clip for convenient storage. This hobby knife features a unique retractable blade crafted exclusively for this...

                                                  Machine Square
                                                  Price: $13.90-$31.50
                                                  Retail: $20.30
                                                  Item #: EX60018 - See more from

                                                    These squares are perfect for 90° layout and machine set-up. These squares are made from hardened, tempered and polished carbon steel.A machinist square, also known as an engineer's square, is a measuring tool used in the field of metalworking and...

                                                    #17 Chisel Blades
                                                    Price: $3.00
                                                    Retail: $4.30
                                                    Item #: EX20017 - See more from

                                                      Crafted from carbon steel, this versatile #17 chisel blade is ideal for removing layers, shaping materials, and light chiseling tasks. Unlike traditional chisel blades, this blade offers exceptional precision for skillful cuts. It fits all standard...

                                                      #18 Wood Chisel Blade
                                                      Retail: $4.30
                                                      Item #: EX20018 - See more from

                                                        The Excel Blades #18 Wood Chisel Blade is a versatile replacement blade ideal for crafting and woodworking projects. This straight edge chisel blade is crafted from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring durability and sharpness. It easily inserts and...

                                                        Aluminum Miter Box
                                                        Price: $11.90
                                                        Retail: $17.20
                                                        Item #: EX55665 - See more from

                                                          The Metal 5.25-inch Excel Mitre Box is a professional-quality hand-powered tool, perfect for hobbyists and woodworkers. It is considered an indispensable tool of the trade, engineered with high-quality aluminum and steel to ensure strength and...