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Transparent Edge Professional T-Squares
Retail: $16.50
Item #: TSQ-18 - See more from Pacific Arc

    Traditional transparent edge t-squares that work for both students and professionals!

    Ludwig Scholastic Aluminum T-Squares
    Retail: $10.45
    Item #: 82012 - See more from Alumicolor

      The Alumicolor economy Scholastic T-Squares are made from extruded aluminum and are perfect for students or those looking for a good-quality, light-weight t-square at a economical price.

      Wooden Acrylic Edged T-Square
      Retail: $17.99
      Item #: AA27112 - See more from Art Alternatives

        This wooden T-Square is ideal for accurate line drawing, mapping out compositions and general use as a straight-edge.

        Professional Graduated Aluminum T-Squares
        Retail: $27.50
        Item #: 2172-1 - See more from Alumicolor

          Alumicolor® has a full line of Professional T-Squares with a 2" wide extruded aluminum blade. Calibrations are made using the Alumicolor® photo anodizing process giving all our products a smooth, tick-free finish that will not wear. The black ABS...

          Heavy Duty Aluminum Graduated T-Squares Drafting Supplies, Drawing Equipment, T-Squares
          Retail: $39.50
          Item #: T24T - See more from Fairgate

            The Heavy Duty Aluminum T-Square is specially suited for use by engineers, architects, draftsmen, construction trades designers and artists.

            Stainless Steel T-Squares
            Retail: $27.25
            Item #: SSTQ-24 - See more from Pacific Arc

              The highest quality professional T-square, the SSTQ-series is best on the market.

              12" Plastic T-Square
              Retail: $4.79
              Item #: HX20002 - See more from Helix

                A t-square is an invaluable tool for drafting, drawing, technical projects and anything that requires a straightedge. This tool features both standard and metric scales.

                Architect Drawing Tool Set
                Retail: $29.95
                Item #: 3705-1 - See more from Alumicolor

                  Alumicolor's Drafting Sets combine key products in one easy-to-purchase, cost-effective package. All products are made from solid aluminum and calibrations are photo anodized. The anodizing process makes all markings a permanent part of the...

                  Steel-Edge Professional T-Squares
                  Retail: $37.50
                  Item #: 2280-1 - See more from Alumicolor

                    The Alumicolor Steel Edge Professional T-Squares have dual stainless steel cutting and inking edges embedded in a tempered aluminum shaft and is made for heavy-duty use. 

                    Clear Graduated Acrylic T-Squares with Detachable Head
                    Retail: $17.25
                    Item #: TCE-18 - See more from Pacific Arc

                      Constructed from heavy clear acrylic and featuring a graduated (inch/metric) blade, the unique detachable head design allows easy transport. The blade can be used separately as a straight edge and ruler.