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Transparent-Edge Professional T-Squares Drafting Supplies, Drawing Equipment, T-Squares
Retail: $19.67
Item #: C18 - See more from Alvin Drafting

    Great for students and professionals!

    Transparent Edge Professional T-Squares
    Retail: $21.66
    Item #: TSQ-18 - See more from Pacific Arc

      Traditional transparent edge t-squares that work for both students and professionals!

      Ludwig Scholastic Aluminum T-Squares
      Retail: $12.75
      Item #: 82012 - See more from Alumicolor

        The Alumicolor economy Scholastic T-Squares are made from extruded aluminum and are perfect for students or those looking for a good-quality, light-weight t-square at a economical price.

        Aluminum Graduated T-Squares
        Retail: $13.87
        Item #: ALT12 - See more from Alvin Drafting

          This lightweight aluminum T-square is useful creating your drafts - The sleek and efficient design makes sure that you are will equipment with creating straight lines for your perspective layout or design layouts.

          Plastic T-Squares
          Price: $5.10-$10.20
          Retail: $5.39
          Item #: HX20002 - See more from Helix

            A t-square is an invaluable tool for drafting, drawing, technical projects and anything that requires a straightedge. This tool features both standard and metric scales.

            Stainless Steel Graduated T-Squares
            Retail: $31.86
            Item #: SMTQ-1024 - See more from Pacific Arc

              The highest quality professional T-square, the SSTQ-series is best on the market.

              Stainless Steel Graduated T-Squares
              Retail: $29.17
              Item #: AST18 - See more from Alvin Drafting

                The Alvin Drafting Stainless Steel Graduated T-Square is designed for professionals, students, and hobbyists alike, this tool will deliver superior performance on a diverse array of projects.  Comes with an attractive brushed surface...

                Steel-Edge Professional T-Squares
                Retail: $42.95
                Item #: 2280-1 - See more from Alumicolor

                  The Alumicolor Steel Edge Professional T-Squares have dual stainless steel cutting and inking edges embedded in a tempered aluminum shaft and is made for heavy-duty use. 

                  Professional Graduated Aluminum T-Squares
                  Retail: $31.95
                  Item #: 2172-1 - See more from Alumicolor

                    AlumicolorĀ® has a full line of Professional T-Squares with a 2" wide extruded aluminum blade. Calibrations are made using the AlumicolorĀ® photo anodizing process giving all our products a smooth, tick-free finish that will not wear. The black ABS...

                    Wooden Acrylic Edged T-Square
                    Retail: $28.99
                    Item #: AA27112 - See more from Art Alternatives

                      This wooden T-Square is ideal for accurate line drawing, mapping out compositions and general use as a straight-edge.

                      Stainless Steel T-Squares
                      Retail: $28.99
                      Item #: AA27103 - See more from Art Alternatives

                        This T-square is an essential tool for artists, DIY makers, students and professionals alike. Designed for accurate line drawing and cutting, the perpendicular plastic head allows you to line the ruler up so that your lines are square and level....

                        Clear Graduated Acrylic T-Squares with Detachable Head
                        Retail: $25.68
                        Item #: TCE-18 - See more from Pacific Arc

                          Constructed from heavy clear acrylic and featuring a graduated (inch/metric) blade, the unique detachable head design allows easy transport. The blade can be used separately as a straight edge and ruler.

                          Drawing Tool Set
                          Retail: $43.95
                          Item #: 3705-1 - See more from Alumicolor

                            Alumicolor's Drafting Sets combine key products in one easy-to-purchase, cost-effective package. All products are made from solid aluminum and calibrations are photo anodized. The anodizing process makes all markings a permanent part of the...