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Non-Photo Blue Pencil
Retail: $2.50
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    Non-Photo blue will not appear when photocopied or reproduced.

    Col-Erase Colored Pencils
    Retail: $1.32
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      Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencils feature vivid, easily-erasable pigments and an eraser that allows for easy correction. Perfect for illustrating, animating and designing, the medium point delivers intense, rich color laydown.  Unique...

      Premier Colored Pencils
      Retail: $2.20
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        The traditional choice of commercial and fine artists throughout the world. Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils feature soft, thick cores that are perfect for layering, blending, and shading. These colored pencils are vivid and intense in...

        Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils
        Retail: $1.37
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          Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils feature hard, thin leads that sharpen to a fine point. These high-quality colored pencils are perfect for creating clean edges, bold outlines or intricate designs. Featuring rich pigments and smooth...

          Premier Assorted Colored Pencil Sets Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Colored Pencils, Sanford Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
          Retail: $25.14
          Item #: SA3596THT - See more from Prismacolor

            These premium colored pencils have soft, thick leads, unmatched in brilliance, point strength and blending quality. They offer smooth, versatile coverage that can be vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next. The set features...

            Verithin Colored Pencil Sets Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Colored Pencils, Sanford Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils
            Retail: $31.85
            Item #: SA2427 - See more from Prismacolor

              Strong leads that sharpen to a needle point. Perfect for making check marks or accounting ledger entries. The brilliant colors will not smear even when wet.  These high quality, thin-lead colored pencils are ideal for checking and marking...

              Col-Erase Pencil Sets Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Colored Pencils, Sanford Col-Erase Pencils
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              Price: $14.40-$25.10
              Retail: $16.06
              Item #: SA20516 - See more from Prismacolor

                These strong thin-lead colored pencils are specially designed to erase with ease; colorful layouts and sketch lines disappear effortlessly - enjoy the versatility and flexibility of these pencils.

                Expression Colored Pencil Sets
                Retail: $16.95
                Item #: TN60312012 - See more from Bruynzeel

                  Bruynzeel Expression is a range of adult intermediate pencils, designed to be high quality at a very good value. They feature light cedar casings and strong, thick 3.3mm cores made with quality pigments in a liquid wax binder for excellent color...

                  Premier Ebony Pencil
                  Item #: SA14420 - See more from Prismacolor

                    The Ebony pencil features a very black, soft lead ideal for dramatic shadows, loose sketches and fine details. This high-quality pencil is ideal for sketching, drawing and fine art.

                    Scholar Colored Pencil Sets
                    Retail: $14.72
                    Item #: SA92804 - See more from Prismacolor

                      Color, draw and doodle to your heart's content! Prismacolor Scholar Pencils are specially formulated to provide for a smooth laydown and blendability - however they specifically designed to deliver a harder lead, making them more resistant to...

                      Colored pencils are versatile tools used by architects, drafters, and engineers in various ways:

                      1. Visual Representation: Architects often use colored pencils to enhance their drawings with visual representations of materials, finishes, and textures. Colored pencils allow architects to convey design concepts more vividly, helping clients and stakeholders better visualize the final project.
                      2. Highlighting: Colored pencils are used to highlight specific elements or features in technical drawings, such as key components, structural details, or design changes. This helps draw attention to important aspects of the design and aids in communication and understanding among team members.
                      3. Rendering: Drafters and engineers may use colored pencils for rendering technical illustrations or schematic diagrams. Colored pencils allow for shading, shadowing, and layering techniques, enhancing the clarity and depth of the drawings.
                      4. Annotation: Colored pencils are often used for annotating drawings with color-coded information, such as dimensions, notes, or revisions. Different colors can be used to differentiate between various types of annotations, making it easier to interpret and reference the drawing.
                      5. Markup and Revision: Architects, drafters, and engineers use colored pencils to markup drawings during the review process. Colored pencils allow reviewers to make clear and easily identifiable comments, corrections, or revisions on the drawings, facilitating collaboration and feedback.
                      6. Presentation: Colored pencils are used to add color and visual interest to presentation materials, such as sketches, diagrams, or project boards. They help create engaging and professional-looking presentations that effectively communicate design concepts and ideas.

                      Overall, colored pencils are valuable tools for architects, drafters, and engineers, enabling them to enhance their drawings, communicate ideas effectively, and create visually compelling representations of their designs. Whether used for visual representation, highlighting, rendering, annotation, markup, or presentation, colored pencils play a crucial role in the drafting and design process.