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3" Triangle Stainless Steel Ruler
Retail: $7.97
Item #: SS3 - See more from Alvin Drafting

    Made of durable stainless steel with etched inch graduations, this drafting triangle ruler is ideal for hobby and craft projects, drawing, drafting, and more. Its high strength and hardness make it perfect for woodworking, ensuring long-lasting...

    3" x 4" L-Square Stainless Steel Ruler
    Retail: $8.57
    Item #: SS34L - See more from Alvin Drafting

      Made of durable stainless steel with etched inch graduations. Ideal for hobby and craft projects.

      C-Thru 8" L-Square
      Retail: $10.11
      Item #: CTL-808 - See more from Westcott

        Transparent plastic square is laminated for durability. Each leg is graduated in 8ths with an edge in 16ths and centimeters.

        Aluminum Proportional Designer L-Square
        Retail: $18.50
        Was: $17.90
        Item #: AL911 - See more from Alvin & Co.

          Proportional scale for both reductions and enlargements up to 32"

          Machine Square
          Price: $13.90-$31.50
          Retail: $20.30
          Item #: EX60018 - See more from Excel

            These squares are perfect for 90° layout and machine set-up. These squares are made from hardened, tempered and polished carbon steel.A machinist square, also known as an engineer's square, is a measuring tool used in the field of metalworking and...

            Standard Aluminum L-Square
            Retail: $37.17
            Item #: LS024 - See more from Alvin Drafting

              Each arm is calibrated on two edges on one side and one edge on the reverse in 1/8, ½4, 1/32, ½, ¼, 1/8ths,16ths, 2/3rds, 6ths, and 12ths.

              An L-square, also known as a drafting square, is a drafting tool used primarily in architectural and technical drawing. It consists of two arms, typically made of transparent or translucent plastic or acrylic, joined together at a 90-degree angle to form an "L" shape. One arm is longer than the other, usually with measurements marked along its edge, while the shorter arm serves as a handle for stability and control.

              L-squares are designed to provide drafters with precise angles, primarily 90-degree and 45-degree angles, essential for drawing straight lines and perpendicular lines accurately. They are versatile tools used for various drafting tasks, including creating floor plans, technical diagrams, and engineering drawings.

              The longer arm of the L-square is often used to align with the edge of the drawing board or paper, while the shorter arm is held by the drafter to guide the drawing instrument, such as a pencil or pen, along the edge of the square to create straight lines or angles.

              Overall, L-squares are essential tools for drafters, offering precision, versatility, and ease of use in creating accurate and detailed drawings for architectural, engineering, and other technical applications.