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Non-Skid Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Standard Rulers, Alvin Non-Skid Flexible Rulers
Retail: $2.67
Item #: R590-6 - See more from Alvin Drafting

    The Alvin Drafting flexible rulers are made of finest quality stainless steel with non-skid cork backing that won’t slip on glass or polished surfaces. 

    C-THRU Flexible Plastic Rule Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Standard Rulers, C-THRU Plastic Rulers
    Item #: CT18 - See more from Westcott

      This handy ruler is a must-have for classrooms, workshops, studio and students. It features 1/16" markings on one edge and a metric scale on the opposite edge.

      Stainless-Steel Cork-Back Ruler
      Retail: $3.13
      Item #: M-06 - See more from Pacific Arc

        HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- Constructed of high quality stainless steel, this cork back ruler is made with artists in mind. The steel ruler construction is durable for prolonged use and helps prevents unnecessary nicks and bends. This metal edge...

        Center Finding Rulers
        Retail: $7.17
        Item #: ARC12 - See more from Alvin Drafting

          Quickly find the center of anything by matching up the measurements on each side of zero. This ruler is made to help students in measuring, dividing, and gauging layouts.  These centering rulers are designed for accurate and reliable...

          Flexible Stainless Steel Rulers
          Retail: $6.99
          Item #: AA27071 - See more from Art Alternatives

            This classic ruler is a staple for any studio, classroom, garage or DIY household. With its flexible metal construction and cork backing, it is both durable and safe to use without scratching various surfaces or slipping under pressure.

            Professional Non-Slip Straightedge
            Retail: $35.25
            Item #: 1204-1 - See more from Alumicolor

              Alumicolor non-slip professional straightedges have extra wide 2" tempered aluminum with dual inking edges and neoprene non-slip backing. These straight edges stay in place easily with slight pressure and have permanent calibrations that resist...

              Rubber-Backed Non-Skid Ruler
              Retail: $4.69
              Item #: EE-12 - See more from Pacific Arc

                These professional quality rulers from Pacific Arc are constructed of stainless steel and feature acid etched graduations to ensure maximum accuracy and durability. 

                Clear Acrylic Ruler
                Retail: $5.67
                Item #: T40-12 - See more from Alvin Drafting

                  Scratch-resistant, super-clear acrylic with raised edge to prevent smearing. Scaled 1/16" on one edge, metric on opposite edge, blank spaces at ends for easier measuring, plumb line at each end.Available in 12" or 18" lengths

                  12" Magnifying Ruler
                  Retail: $15.95
                  Item #: 1121-0 - See more from Alumicolor

                    The two bevel Magnifying Ruler is calibrated in inches and centimeters with a 2X magnifier. The magnifier has a raised curve for viewing at a comfortable angle instead of having to look directly straight down.Made in the USA of a rigid, high...

                    6" Pocket Rule
                    Retail: $5.57
                    Item #: 1532 - See more from Alvin Drafting

                      6" Stainless Steel English Pocket Rule

                      15cm Metric Pocket Rule
                      Retail: $5.57
                      Item #: 1533 - See more from Alvin Drafting

                        15cm Stainless Steel Metric Pocket Rule

                        6’ Red End Folding Ruler
                        Retail: $37.99
                        Item #: 1066D - See more from Lufkin

                          Ideal for carpenters and other professional craftsmen. Constructed of boxwood, 25% thicker than competitive wood rules, with black markings embedded in a white background protected by a clear abrasive-resistant coating.