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LED Tracer Projector
Retail: $139.99
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    The LED Tracer® Opaque Art Projector makes Tracing, Enlarging, and Transferring Images Easy! The Perfect Tool for Decorators, Crafters, Artists, Painters, and Hobbyists.

    EZ Tracer Portable, Projector
    Retail: $69.99
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      The EZ Tracer® enlarges any design or pattern from a 4 x 4 inch / 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm copy area onto a wall or easel from 2 to 10 times enlargement. (For larger images, work in sections.) Create murals, paintings, signs, and banners faster and...

      Prism Projector
      Price: $265.99
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      Retail: $379.99
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        Designed for projecting a wide variety of original sketches, line drawings, and patterns. The reversible lens allows a projection range from 80% reduction to 20 times enlargement in full color. Great for fine art, illustrations, murals,...

        Super Prism Lens
        Price: $99.99
        Free Shipping!
        Retail: $149.99
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          For added magnification on your Prism Projector add our Super Prism Lens to achieve 20x the enlargement. A 3-element, color-corrected lens for sharper images and increased brightness. The Super Lens enlarges originals from 2 to 20 times. To achieve...