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Professional Draftsmans Cleaning Pad Drafting Supplies, Erasing Tools, Pads and Powder
Retail: $7.95
Item #: 1248 - See more from Alvin

    Pad gently removes mistakes smudges and smears from artwork mat boards or drawing boards. Will clean up drawing tools. Pad contains finely powdered gum eraser in a soft fabric cover. Never needs washing. 3½ oz. pad 12/box.

    Small Professional Drafting Dry Cleaning Pad
    Retail: $5.50
    Item #: 1238 - See more from Alvin

      Pad gently removes mistakes, smudges, and smears from artwork, mat boards, or drawing boards.

      Draftsman Cleaning Pad
      Retail: $7.35
      Item #: 926 05 - See more from Staedtler

        Keeps work free from unwanted intrusion of dust, dirt, and particles. Soft cotton pad contains grit free powder. Absorbs dirt and other materials smoothly and efficiently without smearing.

        Professional Dry Cleaning Pad
        Retail: $5.95
        Item #: CL-30 - See more from Pacific Arc

          Dry Eraser Cleaning Pads contain a super soft eraser granule powder that absorbs dirt and dust. To use, squeeze and twist the pad to allow the powder to sift through the inner mesh and adhere to the cloth. Also use for pre-cleaning to prevent later...