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10" Triangle Set
Price: $5.30
Retail: $5.59
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    These two triangles are useful measuring tools for students, artists and designers of all levels. 

    Angle and Circle Maker
    Retail: $5.59
    Item #: HX36002 - See more from

      Helix’s angle and circle maker combines a protractor and a compass in one handy, easy-to-use tool. 

      Feather-Weight Drawing Boards
      Item #: HX37412 - See more from

        This drawing board is a must-have for any draftsman, engineer or creative looking for a portable, reliable surface. The drawing surface is lightweight yet strong and durable, made of 2-ply basswood permanently attached to a honeycomb core.

        6" Swing Arm Protractor
        Retail: $3.09
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          This 6" protractor features a swing arm for precise measuring of angles. A go-to tool for students, draftsmen and engineers.

          Plastic T-Squares
          Price: $5.10-$10.20
          Retail: $5.39
          Item #: HX20002 - See more from

            A t-square is an invaluable tool for drafting, drawing, technical projects and anything that requires a straightedge. This tool features both standard and metric scales.

            Circle Ruler
            Price: $4.40
            Retail: $4.69
            Item #: HX36001 - See more from

              This dual-purpose ruler also works as a compass, allowing the you to make circles from 1/16" to 12" in diameter. A useful tool for draftsmen, students, artists and crafters who require precise, measured lines. Great for mathematic calculations,...