For nearly a century, the name X-ACTO? has been synonymous with precision cutting. Since the early years when X-ACTO surgical blades were saving the lives of American soldiers, through today when you can find X-ACTO cutting tools and office supplies in art studios, homes, offices and classrooms across the country, X-ACTO has been the first choice when precision and quality matter.
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AXENT #1 Knife
Price: $6.70
Item #: XA3036 - See more from

    The AXENT puts a colorful twist on the classic #1 knife design. The X-Acto #1 precision knife remains the go-to cutting tool for applications demanding precise, accurate cuts. Trusted by graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, and more, this cutting...

    SchoolPro Electric Pencil Sharpener
    Retail: $76.77
    Item #: XA1670X - See more from

      The more pencil leads break, the more distractions in the classroom. That's why the break-resistant X-ACTO School Pro was made to get woodcase pencils to a precise point for less lead breakage. That's because its flyaway cutter feature stops...

      Retractable Blade Pen Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
      Retail: $16.00
      Item #: XA3209Q - See more from

        The X-ACTO retractable knife is a stylish and practical addition to any desk or drawer. Resembling a high-quality pen, this retractable knifes boast a razor-sharp cutting blade and superior craftsmanship. It is perfect for trimming coupons and...

        #9 Retractable Blades - 5-Pack Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Replacement Cutting Blades
        Item #: XA209Q - See more from

          The #9 Retractable Blade from X-ACTO is an excellent detail blade for making precise cuts through a range of lightweight materials. The fully retractable bladeis thin enough to make the careful cuts you need but also sturdy enough not to snap under...

          #11 Fine Point Blades
          Price: $3.80-$42.70
          Retail: $3.85
          Item #: XAWA211E - See more from

            The X-ACTO #11 Classic Fine Point knife blades are the perfect accessory to a true tool of precision. When elaborate, detailed cuts need to be made, the #11 blade is the one to choose. Because the blade is made with quality sharpened carbon and...

            Gripster Knife Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
            Price: $8.40
            Retail: $8.47
            Item #: XA3627 - See more from

              The X-Acto Gripster represents the next evolution of the #1 Knife, featuring a soft rubberized barrel for comfort and control, a rear-release mechanism for easy and safe blade changing, and an anti-roll design to prevent slipping. This cutting and...

              Inspire Heavy-Duty Battery Pencil Sharpener
              Retail: $30.82
              Item #: XA1781T - See more from

                This battery sharpener is designed to be used by a student at home or by a professional at a home office. The top-loading, vertical design is a great way to save space on the desk. It features a safety shut off switch when the shavings receptacle...

                #1 Precision Knife
                Price: $5.20-$8.75
                Retail: $5.24
                Item #: XA3601Q3 - See more from

                  The X-ACTO Basic Precision Knife, complete with a safety cap, is perfect for delicate cutting, stripping, and trimming tasks. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle and a #1 Blade style, this knife effortlessly cuts through paper, plastic, thin...

                  #2 Knife with Safety Cap Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
                  Retail: $8.91
                  Item #: XA3602 - See more from

                    This precision X-acto knife is equipped with a #2 blade designed for cutting medium to heavy-weight materials like wood, board, paper, plastic, and acetate with accuracy. It is also available with a hexagonal safety chuck to prevent rolling,...

                    #2 Blades - 5-Pack Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Replacement Cutting Blades
                    Retail: $4.30
                    Item #: XAXW202E - See more from

                      The X-ACTO Number 2 Large, Fine Point Blade is specifically crafted for precise cutting of medium-weight materials including cardboard, plastic, paper, basswood, vinyl, rubber, and foam. Each package includes five blades, ensuring you always have...

                      X2000 Knife
                      Price: $10.35
                      Retail: $10.41
                      Item #: XA3724 - See more from

                        The X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife sets the standard for precision and accuracy in cutting tools. If your job or project demands surgical precision and laser-like accuracy, look no further than the X2000 Precision Knife. Crafted from high-quality...

                        #11 Z-Series Blades
                        Retail: $4.40
                        Item #: XAZ211T - See more from

                          The Z-Series are Xactos sharpest most durable blades.  Perfect for hobby, paper crafting, and wood working, or any other application that requires a #11 blade.Pack of 5 blades

                          Electric Pencil Sharpener
                          Retail: $42.37
                          Item #: XA1818X - See more from

                            This trim electric pencil sharpener handles big workloads. The steel blades ensure a high-quality sharpening each time. The pencil saver saves time and pencils by avoiding over sharpening. Rubber feet help keep the sharpener from sliding off...

                            1670 : X-Acto X-Acto School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener
                            Retail: $71.63
                            Item #: XA1670 - See more from

                              The SchoolPro sharpener from X-ACTO is the ideal electric pencil sharpener for the classroom. This pencil sharpener was designed by teachers searching for a product that would place an added emphasis on safety, the SchoolPro features a unique...