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    Model Number: XA209Q
    Brand: X-Acto
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    X-Acto #9 Retractable Blades - 5-Pack

    Model Number: XA209Q

    The #9 Retractable Blade from X-ACTO is an excellent detail blade for making precise cuts through a range of lightweight materials. The fully retractable bladeis thin enough to make the careful cuts you need but also sturdy enough not to snap under light pressure.

    The #9 Retractable Blade from X-ACTO works with a large variety of medium and lightweight materials:

    • Light cardboard
    • Paper
    • Film
    • Cloth
    • Plastic
    • And more

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions:
    • Product Weight: 0.06 lbs.
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    X-Acto #9 Retractable Blades - 5-Pack