Diversified Woodcrafts is located in the “Wisconsin Northwoods” in a small town with a population of 650. They are homegrown and proud to manufacture their high-quality products in the USA. Their cutting-edge 100,000 square-foot facility features the latest in technology. This technology combined with quality workmanship creates superior educational furniture that is built to last.

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Perspective Desk Chair
Price: $277.50
Free Shipping!
Retail: $599.00
Item #: SE-WB4D - See more from

    A modern twist on an all-time classic. Our ergonomic wood chairs are comfortable and durable making them ideal for modern educational spaces. They are constructed with seven-ply furniture grade hardwood with a natural finish and have a weight...

    6-Section Cubby Organizer
    Price: $696.30-$721.30
    Free Shipping!
    Retail: $1,063.00
    Item #: CC-1215-72K - See more from

      A great way to store materials in your classroom. These cubby storage units are available in both oak and maple veneer and can be ordered in sections from one to four. Each vertical section contains six cubbies, which measure: 10.5"W x 14"D x...

      Fab-Lab Adjustable-Height Workbench with Epoxy Worksurface
      Retail: $3,091.00
      Item #: AMS60306 - See more from

        Flexibility is the key component of this workbench. The bench is perfect for Makerspaces and Fab-Labs. Add an additional 4" to the height by adding the optional 4" locking casters.  The static weight capacity is 1500 lbs. without casters...

        Forum Two-Station Fixed Workbench
        Price: $1,476.30-$2,107.50
        Free Shipping!
        Retail: $3,032.00
        Item #: WW2-0V - See more from

          This workbench has a large work surface and plenty of open storage space on the maple plywood lower shelf. 

          Clay Wedging Table
          Price: $1,181.30
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          Retail: $2,287.00
          Item #: WT7142M30N - See more from

            This wedging table was developed with teacher input. It has a solid maple apron and legs. But the real feature is the top. The top is a 1-1/4" ChemGuard covered with a canvas. (Do not put canvas in dryer after washing, needs to be air-dried.) The...

            Command University Robotics Workbench
            Retail: $4,631.00
            Item #: VXU-6232M - See more from

              High- quality robotic team storage solution and workbench for robots and supplies.

              Clamp-on Outlet/USB Hub
              Price: $106.80
              Free Shipping!
              Retail: $215.00
              Item #: 251975 - See more from

                The new Clamp Mount Outlet & USB Charger will add instant convenient AC power and USB charging accessibility to your work surface. Keep your laptops, tablets, tools, or other mobile computing devices charged and ready to go at your table,...

                Perpetulab Adjustable-Height Table - Laminate Top
                Retail: $2,088.00
                Item #: A710L - See more from

                  The best selling Perpetulab science tables are now available with adjustable heights!  This table has the same construction as the standard Perpetulab table with the exception of adjustable legs. The aprons are solid oak with legs...

                  Forum Fixed 4-Station Wood Workbench
                  Price: $3,016.30-$4,215.00
                  Free Shipping!
                  Retail: $6,476.00
                  Item #: WW31-0V - See more from

                    Double faced unit has a cabinet with doors and an adjustable shelf on each side. The locking doors have pulls and are hung on five knuckle institutional hinges. The base of the unit is constructed of solid maple and maple veneers.

                    Write-N-Roll Mobile Storage
                    Price: $1,655.00
                    Free Shipping!
                    Retail: $3,483.00
                    Item #: 4901K - See more from

                      Versatile mobile storage with an adjustable position top that has a 3mm black PVC edge. The top is made of 3/4" white marker board so messages or techniques can be demonstrated. Directly beneath the top is storage for flat items like paper and...

                      Perspective Stool
                      Price: $239.60-$243.60
                      Free Shipping!
                      Retail: $420.00
                      Item #: STL9186-AH5 - See more from

                        These fully welded stools are sure to compliment any lab or classroom. ** Minimum Order of 4 Stools **

                        Parts Storage Cabinet
                        Price: $1,953.80
                        Free Shipping!
                        Retail: $4,237.00
                        Item #: PSC-80 - See more from

                          Whether you are storing bolts, paints or threads, this unit is the perfect solutions for storing small parts. Constructed of maple veneers and banded with solid maple (with a 3/4" thick back), and finished an earth-friendly UV finish. 

                          Access Euro Tote-n-More Cabinet
                          Retail: $4,208.80
                          Item #: TW-4221M1 - See more from

                            Thie cabinet is a flexible storage option for a steady moving space.

                            Command PLTW and Robotics Workbench
                            Price: $1,951.30-$1,981.30
                            Free Shipping!
                            Retail: $3,915.00
                            Item #: XW-4961K - See more from

                              Build the perfect robot on this workbench designed specifically for PLTW and Robotics work. Our robotics workbench is made of maple or oak veneers and has locking casters allowing it to be moved within the classroom. The 61"W x 49"D top has a...

                              30"W Tall Storage Cabinet with Doors
                              Retail: $3,009.00
                              Item #: GSC-23 - See more from

                                Keep your storage hidden with this cabinet that is constructed of maple veneers with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. 

                                Access Sliding Door Cabinet
                                Price: $1,073.80-$1,112.50
                                Free Shipping!
                                Retail: $2,016.00
                                Item #: 4101K - See more from

                                  Ideal for moving demonstrations around the room, school or lab. Constructed of select oak and oak veneers with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish.

                                  Forum Industrial Arts Two-Station Steel Workbench
                                  Retail: $3,631.00
                                  Item #: WBD2-0V - See more from

                                    High-quality two-person workbench with a base consists of a single-faced heavy gauge steel unit, welded and riveted throughout and provides cabinet storage.

                                    PerpetuLab Wooden Leg Lab Tables with Book Compartment - Phenolic Top
                                    Retail: $1,337.70
                                    Item #: C7164 - See more from

                                      The Diversified Wood Book Compartment Lab Tables are built with the same quality techniques as the plain apron table. They are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV clear sealer. These tables have either two or four book...

                                      Intermix Mobile Workstation with Tote Storage
                                      Item #: IMS9930L - See more from

                                        The Intermix Workstation fosters collaboration and encourages productivity! Created of solid maple or oak veneers and finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. These mobile units come with 3" locking casters for ease of...

                                        Maple Flat File for 24" x 36" Media
                                        Retail: $2,849.00
                                        Item #: FFS-3624M - See more from

                                          Protect and store your art work, drawings or biological collections. These flat files hold papers up to 24" x 36". Up to three units can be stacked providing you with ample storage. All three pieces are interlocking to each other or can be...

                                          UpLift! Table (ADA)
                                          Price: $1,373.80-$1,453.80
                                          Free Shipping!
                                          Retail: $2,722.00
                                          Item #: ALT-6030BL - See more from

                                            Adaptable...the name says it all. The height can be adjusted so easily - you can make the table adapt to your situation. The unique design of the leg allows you to adjust the height of the table in less than 30 seconds without the use of tools. Use...

                                            Hi-Lo Bench Casters (set of 4)
                                            Retail: $233.00
                                            Item #: 253941 - See more from

                                              Set of 4 casters for use with the Diversified Woodcrafts Hi-Lo Bench.

                                              Apprentice Side Clamp Glue Bench
                                              Price: $866.30-$1,102.50
                                              Free Shipping!
                                              Retail: $1,429.00
                                              Item #: GCT-7236 - See more from

                                                This work bench is made to accept bar clamps and to provide an area for both gluing projects and clamp storage. 

                                                Forum Industrial Arts Four-Station Steel Workbench with 6 Horizontal Lockers
                                                Retail: $6,943.00
                                                Item #: WB12A-0V - See more from

                                                  Base consists of a double-faced heavy gauge steel unit, welded and riveted throughout. The unit provides 12 vertical locker openings which measure 12"W x 21"D x 15"H. Vented doors have spring loaded hinges, padlock hasp, and knockout plug for...

                                                  PerpetuLab Wooden Leg Tables - Maple Butcher Block Top
                                                  Retail: $1,338.00
                                                  Item #: P7165 - See more from

                                                    The Diversified PerpetuLab Wooden Leg Tables are available in a variety of sizes, with multiple top options to choose from. These tables are built for years of dependable service. Legs and aprons are constructed of solid wood (red oak or maple) and...

                                                    PerpetuLab Hybrid Lab Tables - Laminate Top
                                                    Retail: $1,139.80
                                                    Item #: P916L - See more from

                                                      The best-selling Lab and Science Tables are now available with wood and steel accents.  This design will transform any learning space into an aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

                                                      Apprentice Industrial Workbench with ShopTop
                                                      Retail: $2,574.00
                                                      Item #: MLB48247 - See more from

                                                        A quality workbench constructed of heavy Gauge steel members. Legs are welded construction with floor feet and include a three quarter deep lower shelf and rear stringer.

                                                        Standing-Height Perspective Stool
                                                        Retail: $483.00
                                                        Item #: SE-W4M - See more from

                                                          Re-imagine the classic stool. Our ergonomic woods stools are comfortable and durable making them ideal for almost any environment. They are constructed with seven-ply furniture grade hardwood with a natural finish and have a weight capacity of 300...