Diversified Woodcrafts is located in the “Wisconsin Northwoods” in a small town with a population of 650. They are homegrown and proud to manufacture their high-quality products in the USA. Their cutting-edge 100,000 square-foot facility features the latest in technology. This technology combined with quality workmanship creates superior educational furniture that is built to last.

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Ceramic Work Center
Price: $2,480.20
Free Shipping!
Retail: $4,663.40
Item #: CWC-72P - See more from

    This work center can be used against a wall or as an island. The unit includes two base cabinets made of plywood and solid hardwoods finished in an earth-friendly UV finish. One locking base cabinet provides a place for storing larger items and...

    24"W Storage with Split Glass Doors
    Retail: $3,209.40
    Item #: 320-2422K - See more from

      Two glass door oak display cabinets are a great addition to the classroom or school. The top and bottom doors are divided making it easy to segregate your display types. The fixed shelf in the middle creates the ability to lock the top and the...

      Worktop Classic Elementary Four-Student Table
      Retail: $1,365.40
      Item #: WX4-P26 - See more from

        The Worktop Classic Four-Station Table is designed to provide a structurally sound and completely functional art or activity table.

        24" x 36" Drafting Table (30"H)
        Price: $993.70-$1,099.00
        Free Shipping!
        Retail: $1,500.40
        Item #: DT-9A30 - See more from

          This drawing table series is our most popular line of drawing tables. There's a perfect combination to suit everyone's needs.

          Command Robotics Compartment Tote Storage Cabinet
          Retail: $3,925.40
          Item #: VXP-5024M - See more from

            A mobile storage cabinet designed to work perfectly to store your robots and parts. The cabinet is made of maple plywood and has swinging doors that are outfitted with 3 point locking handles for security. The cabinet comes with 10 totes and rolls...

            Forum Industrial Arts Wood Workbench
            Price: $1,408.40-$2,171.20
            Free Shipping!
            Retail: $2,410.40
            Item #: W-4824L - See more from

              Solid maple legs and stringers combined with maple plywood shelves combine to make the perfect wood bench for any shop.

              Mobile Balance Storage Cabinet
              Retail: $3,017.40
              Item #: 5201K - See more from

                Constructed of solid oak and oak veneered plywood with chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish.

                Euro Tote XL Cabinet
                Price: $2,565.90-$2,947.90
                Retail: $5,171.40
                Item #: TS-4221K1 - See more from

                  Durable, practical and fun storage unit for any environment.

                  Wardrobe Storage Cabinet
                  Price: $1,437.80
                  Free Shipping!
                  Retail: $2,551.40
                  Item #: WSC-26 - See more from

                    The perfect compact unit to store your jackets, hats, files, and more. This maple cabinet has one fixed and three adjustable shelves on the left side of the unit and a clothing rod on the right side. 

                    STEM Imprint Table
                    Price: $1,597.10-$1,667.30
                    Free Shipping!
                    Retail: $2,928.40
                    Item #: P7209K30N - See more from

                      The Oak Imprint Student Table lets all the students record data right on the table top. These STEM tables are built similar to Diversified's oak and maple plain apron tables, but with an easy-to-use imprinted top. The top is imprinted with graphs...

                      PerpetuLab Wooden Leg Tables with Book Compartment - Butcher Block Top
                      Retail: $1,640.40
                      Item #: C7165 - See more from

                        The Diversified Wood Book Compartment Lab Tables are built with the same quality techniques as the plain apron table. They are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV clear sealer. These tables have either two or four book...

                        30" x 42" Student Drafting Table
                        Retail: $4,643.40
                        Item #: DT-33A - See more from

                          A sturdy maple drafting table that is perfect for school use and supports multiple students!

                          Magnetic Tool Holder
                          Price: $77.90
                          Free Shipping!
                          Retail: $142.40
                          Item #: 251913 - See more from

                            This Magnetic Tool Holder can be used to organize hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. This is perfect for use for your tools on the Robotics Bench. 

                            Perspective Adjustable-Height Stool
                            Retail: $627.40
                            Item #: STL9186-AR - See more from

                              These fully welded stools are sure to compliment any lab or classroom. ** Minimum Order of 4 Stools **

                              48"W Tall Glass Door Cabinet
                              Price: $2,554.60
                              Free Shipping!
                              Retail: $5,123.40
                              Item #: 358-4822K - See more from

                                Showcase your specimens with this beautiful clear glass door cabinet. Solid hardwood, solid oak and oak veneers, protected by a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. The oak framed 3/16" tempered glass doors are designed to crumble when...

                                Perpetulab Adjustable-Height Table - Chemguard Top
                                Retail: $2,289.40
                                Item #: A7102 - See more from

                                  The best selling Perpetulab science tables are now available with adjustable heights!  This table has the same construction as the standard Perpetulab table with the exception of adjustable legs. The aprons are solid oak with legs...

                                  Command Robotics Storage Cabinet
                                  Retail: $3,931.40
                                  Item #: VXT-5024M - See more from

                                    A large mobile storage cabinet designed to work perfectly to store your robotics tote trays (totes NOT included). The cabinet is made of maple plywood and has swinging doors that are outfitted 3 point locking handles for security. The interior has...

                                    Drafting/Art Supply Storage Cabinet
                                    Retail: $6,378.40
                                    Item #: DTC-5 - See more from

                                      24 students can store their drawing boards, T-square and totes with their supplies in a secure, locking cabinet.

                                      Access Mobile Laptop Storage Cabinet
                                      Retail: $4,356.40
                                      Item #: 5301K - See more from

                                        A safe, efficient and mobile way to handle laptop computers. Sliding hardwood plywood doors front and back provide easy access to storage as well as the charging station. Multiple outlet plug strips in the back section allow easy plug-in of up to...

                                        48"W Tall Storage Cabinet with Doors
                                        Price: $1,924.70-$2,061.10
                                        Free Shipping!
                                        Retail: $3,490.40
                                        Item #: 353-4822K - See more from

                                          Keep your storage hidden with this cabinet that is constructed of oak or maple veneers with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. 

                                          Replacement Tote Tray
                                          Price: $46.90
                                          Free Shipping!
                                          Retail: $68.40
                                          Item #: 100135 - See more from

                                            Replacement Tote Tray for Diversified Woodcraft Cabinets.

                                            Mobile Demo Cart
                                            Price: $950.50-$999.10
                                            Free Shipping!
                                            Retail: $1,397.40
                                            Item #: 4501K - See more from

                                              Designed for the transportation of equipment and supplies.

                                              Self-Braking Casters
                                              Price: $83.30
                                              Free Shipping!
                                              Retail: $155.40
                                              Item #: SE-C - See more from

                                                Self-braking casters keep the chair stationary when unoccupied, promoting safety when entering and exiting the chair. When weight is applied to the chair, the caster automatically de-brakes allowing normal mobility. The 2” dual wheel caster is...

                                                Fab-Lab Bench Casters - Set of 4
                                                Retail: $371.00
                                                Item #: 253996X4 - See more from

                                                  With these optional casters for the Fab-Lab workbench you are able to add much needed mobility in any workshop, classroom or makerspace. 

                                                  Drying Cabinet
                                                  Price: $5,051.50
                                                  Free Shipping!
                                                  Retail: $10,535.40
                                                  Item #: 9200BL - See more from

                                                    Our drying cabinets are designed for drying and storing green ware and clay pieces. They're constructed of 13-gauge angles steel pieces welded to 3/4, 16-gauge expanded steel mesh. 

                                                    Fab-Lab Adjustable-Height Workbench with Phenolic Worksurface
                                                    Retail: $2,256.00
                                                    Item #: AMS60304 - See more from

                                                      Flexibility is the key component of this workbench. The bench is perfect for Makerspaces and Fab-Labs. Add an additional 4" to the height by adding the optional 4" locking casters.  The static weight capacity is 1500 lbs. without casters...

                                                      Forum Touchdown Worktop Cabinet
                                                      Retail: $2,535.40
                                                      Item #: WMSC-3135 - See more from

                                                        Transport your supplies easily with this rolling unit. Constructed of solid maple and maple veneer. The right side of the unit is fitted with 1/4" pegboard and hooks for tool mounting. Unit also includes locking double doors, an adjustable shelf...

                                                        48"W Microscope Storage Cabinet
                                                        Retail: $4,717.40
                                                        Item #: 372-4816K - See more from

                                                          Beautiful and functional microscope storage cabinet that is constructed of solid oak, hardwood and oak veneers, using dowel construction, with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. Solid oak framed glazed doors are hinged with...