Koh-I-Noor is a legacy brand of Charpak Inc. that specializes in quality drafting and drawing materials such as pencils, pens, inks, and templates.
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5.6mm Lead Holder
Retail: $33.70
Item #: 53310N1003PK - See more from

    Modern and edgy! Features a radiant green or yellow aluminum alloy barrel with a bold color coating, a laser engraved logo, and an exposed spring detail mechanism. 

    Rapidograph Humidified Revolving 7-Pen Set
    Retail: $296.80
    Item #: 31657.HRS - See more from

      The Rapidograph Humidified Revolving Selector prevents ink from drying in pen points.

      Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill - 5 Erasers
      Retail: $2.70
      Item #: 563ERS - See more from

        Koh-Noor Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill - Tube of 5 Erasers

        Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph Technical Pens
        Retail: $48.50
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          Koh-i-Noor technical pens handle like a pencil, moving in all directions. Rapidograph technical pens have been used by artists, architects, designers, engineers and hobbyists for over 30 years to produce precise, consistent ink lines for any...

          Rapidomatic Mechanical Pencils
          Retail: $17.05
          Item #: K5633 - See more from

            Koh-I-Noor's Rapidomatic Pencils are the highest quality standard for mechanical pencils. Ideal for design, art and engineering students, each pencil is perfectly designed to be used with straightedges and most scribers.

            Technical Pen Points
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            Price: $19.45-$27.95
            Retail: $32.45
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              Koh-I-Noor's Rapidograph Technical Pens are remarkably versatile pens that handle like a pencil, moving in all directions without snagging or digging into the drawing surface. Point sizes, ranging from very fine to very broad, are capable of...

              Creative Drawing Board
              Retail: $178.15
              Item #: 25434 - See more from

                For students or designers in the field. This lightweight drawing board has a built-in, locking, parallel rule. The removable straightedge is graduated in inches and can be locked into position either horizontally or vertically. The graduated...

                Adapto 2mm Lead Holder
                Retail: $22.45
                Item #: K-5616 - See more from

                  Heavy-duty 2mm lead holder.

                  Drafting Dots
                  Retail: $15.85
                  Item #: 25900J01 - See more from

                    Keep your paper from slipping, crinkling or shifting—these drafting dots hold media firmly in place on the drafting surface.

                    Drawing Ink
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                    Price: $5.10
                    Retail: $8.50
                    Item #: 9065D.BLA - See more from

                      Koh-I-Noor® Drawing Ink uses micro-pulverized pigments which are evenly dispersed in an acrylic base, making a transparent, lightfast ink. Ink may be used on plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic, but may not be waterproof on porous surfaces. Drawing...

                      Universal Drawing Ink
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                      Price: $4.85-$24.00
                      Retail: $8.10
                      Item #: 3080F.BLA - See more from

                        The Koh-I-Noor® line of Universal® inks was first developed for use with technical pens. The dye base eliminates the potential for cloggling the finest nibbed Rapidogaph® Pens, and offers an intense color laydown. The shellac used in our ink...

                        Technigraphic 2mm Lead Holder
                        Retail: $13.80
                        Item #: 5611.IMP - See more from

                          A lead holder for the professional and student markets.

                          Portable Interior Design Drawing Board & Drafting Kit
                          Retail: $77.55
                          Item #: 522130.INT - See more from

                            Create preliminary designs on the spot! Contains everything needed to complete a redesign or remodeling of a house, condo, or apartment.

                            Ultradraw Ink
                            Retail: $8.50
                            Item #: 3085F.BLA - See more from

                              Designed especially for technical pens, this non-clogging ink is waterproof, pigmented, fadeless and acid-free. It's long open time allows it to dry slowly. It erases easily from film with Koh-I-Lar® Liquid Eraser, and is also compatible paper and...

                              Rapido-eze Cleaning Fluid Drafting Supplies, Pens and Ink, Ink and Pen Cleaners
                              Retail: $7.10
                              Item #: 3068 - See more from

                                This non-toxic cleaner removes dried waterproof India ink from pens, lettering instruments, and brushes. Helps keep technical pens in working condition for optimum drawing time. Follow cleaning instructions included with pens. For use with...

                                Battery Operated Eraser
                                Retail: $16.20
                                Was: $10.80
                                Item #: EB-1200 - See more from

                                  This handheld battery-operated graphite eraser works on paper, drafting vellum and film. This tool is great for erasing small areas, adding highlights to value drawings and creating precise specks of light.

                                  Mephisto V1 Mechanical Pencils
                                  Retail: $48.00
                                  Item #: 5054.5 - See more from

                                    These Koh-I-Noor old-style Mephisto mechanical pencils are available in three stylish colors. The Koh-I-Noor Mephisto has a rubber grip and eraser under the metal cap.  

                                    Rapidograph Slim Pack 7-Pen Set
                                    Retail: $227.85
                                    Item #: 3165SP7 - See more from

                                      Koh-i-Noor technical pens handle like a pencil, moving in all directions. Rapidograph Slim Pack pen sets provide storage for your technical pens in a convenient hinged-lid case with push-button release.

                                      Rapidraw Film Ink - Black Drafting Supplies, Pens and Ink, Ink
                                      Retail: $8.50
                                      Item #: 3084F.BLA - See more from

                                        Very black, opaque ink for drafting film, paper and tracing cloth. Because it is formulated with a high concentration of carbon particles, it is recommended for any ink work that will be photo-reproduced. Permanent, yet erasable after long periods...

                                        Rapidosketch Technical Sketch Pens
                                        Retail: $35.50
                                        Item #: 3265BX.01N - See more from

                                          Rapidosketch pens are a student grade technical pen designed after the professional grade Rapidograph pens. Each pen has stainless steel nib that can be removed for cleaning and an ink reservoir that can be filled with your favorite Koh-I-Noor Ink....

                                          Eraser Refills
                                          Retail: $5.80
                                          Item #: EB-1200ER - See more from

                                            30 Eraser Refills for Koh-I-Noor EB-1200

                                            Mephisto Mechanical Pencils
                                            Retail: $18.05
                                            Was: $12.00
                                            Item #: 5035BC.5 - See more from

                                              The Koh-I-Noor Mephisto mechanical pencils feature a well balanced, weighty feel and smooth lead feed. Excellent for precision work, the Mephisto features an easy to load, large capacity lead reservoir. Erasers are removable and replaceable...

                                              Optional Drafting Head
                                              Retail: $72.20
                                              Item #: 25445 - See more from

                                                Drawing head accessory to Item No. 25434

                                                Pressure Bulb. Kit Drafting Supplies, Pens and Ink, Ink and Pen Cleaners
                                                Retail: $38.05
                                                Item #: 3068SYKT - See more from

                                                  This kit contains one Pen Cleaner and a jar of Rapido-eze pen cleaning solution. The Koh-I-Noor Pen Cleaner is an extremely effective device for cleaning all Koh-I-Noor drawing points. This cleaner uses only squeeze-pressure, and no aerosol...

                                                  Rapidograph Artist Slim Pack 7-Pen Set
                                                  Retail: $227.85
                                                  Item #: 3165SP7A - See more from

                                                    A versatile technical pen for use with all Koh-I-Noor inks. Point sizes range from very fine to very broad for a loose sketching style or a finely detailed pointillist technique.

                                                    Acetate Ink
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                                                    Price: $4.55
                                                    Retail: $7.60
                                                    Item #: 3071F.BLA - See more from

                                                      Acetate Ink is designed especially for use on acetate and film. It is an opaque black waterproof ink with a short open time. It dries quickly with a matte sheen, and can be cleaned or erased from film with Koh-I-Lar® Liquid Eraser. Ideal for use...

                                                      2mm Hardtmuth Compact Lead Holder
                                                      Retail: $19.20
                                                      Item #: 5608CN1005KK - See more from

                                                        This compact (only 4.5"L), yet comfortable mechanical clutch lead holder is ideal for use in organizers and notebooks.

                                                        Portable Landscape Drawing Board & Drafting Kit
                                                        Retail: $76.80
                                                        Item #: 522130.LND - See more from

                                                          A valuable tool for a timely and satisfactory completion of your landscaping design project.