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Heavy-Duty Plastic Snap Blade Knife
Retail: $5.60
Item #: EX16850 - See more from Excel

    Excel Blades K850 Plastic Body Snap Blade Knife is designed with a metal reinforced blade support for extra stability, #7 8-point snap blade (18mm) and a position lock for your safety. This economical knife works great for almost any heavy-duty...

    Hobby Knife Set
    Price: $25.40
    Retail: $42.40
    Item #: EX44382 - See more from Excel

      CRAFT HOBBY KNIFE SET: The most effective blades on the market, this hobby crafting knife set is a perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with an interest in arts and crafts applications, wood carving, scrapbooking, model...

      K1 Light Duty Knife with Safety Cap and 5 Extra Blades
      Retail: $7.30
      Item #: EX15001 - See more from Excel

        For Home, Art, Hobby, and Industrial use.

        K2 Medium Duty Knife with Safety Cap
        Retail: $6.00
        Item #: EX16002 - See more from Excel

          For home, art, and industrial use.

          Mini Scraper
          Price: $1.90
          Retail: $2.60
          Item #: A0123 - See more from

            The Mini Scraper consists of a single edge blade locked firmly in a plastic holder. It's perfect for scraping palettes or anything else that needs to be stripped of unwanted media. The blade is 1 1/2 in. across and can be removed and replaced with...

            Multi-Purpose Utility Knife
            Item #: OL180-MP - See more from Olfa

              Ideal for light-duty cutting jobs, this utility knife features a positive slide lock, a built-in blade snapper and a handle that is designed for control and comfort.

              Premium Retractable Utility Knife
              Retail: $10.49
              Item #: CUK-36 - See more from Alvin Drafting

                Alvin metal utility knife with 4 self-locking positions for safety, for scoring, general light cutting, and for full-depth cutting. Includes 3 blades. Premium quality utility knife. Four handy self-locking positions. Rugged die-cast metal body....

                Retractable Utility Knife
                Retail: $12.49
                Item #: AA17970 - See more from Art Alternatives

                  This retractable utility knife is ideal for cutting almost any material including boards, textiles, wire, some metals, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, rope and more. The handle is smooth and balanced, facilitating even, straight cut. No pulling...

                  Stainless Steel Slide Lock Knife
                  Item #: OLSAC-1 - See more from Olfa

                    Hand held cutter with an ultra-slim design with acute angle blade. Stainless steel channel holds blade firmly in place.

                    Super Deluxe Knife Set
                    Retail: $117.60
                    Item #: EX44200 - See more from Excel

                      Excel Blades' Super Deluxe Knife Set (44200) is a one of kind necessity to artists in all levels. The Hobby Knife Set includes knife handles that house a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty...

                      X2000 Knife Black
                      Price: $10.90
                      Item #: XA3724 - See more from X-Acto

                        The X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for precision and accuracy. Does your job or project require surgical precision and laser like accuracy? The X2000 Precision knife is the blade that you are looking for. Made from the...

                        OL-300 : Olfa Olfa 300 Utility Knife
                        Price: $8.30
                        Item #: OL300 - See more from Olfa

                          You can adjust this knife for custom cutting depths using its ratchet lock mechanism. The knife's slim, lightweight design makes it easy to use and easy to store in most pouches. The knife cuts through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film,...

                          OL-RTY4 : Olfa Olfa Rotary Cutter
                          Retail: $14.30
                          Item #: OL-RTY4 - See more from Olfa

                            This OLFA® rotary cutter is a must for quilters and crafters. With its straight-handle, the cutter can be used by both right- and left-handed people. Use it to cut curved quilt pieces and templates, or to trim seams. (RTY-4, #9657)Good For: cutting...

                            OL-CMP1 : Olfa Olfa-Compass Cutter
                            Item #: OLCMP-1 - See more from Olfa

                              You'll use this OLFA circle cutter on a variety of craft projects, from model making to photography, scrapbooks and signs. The cutter is ideal for cutting paper, film, acetates, cardboard and light wood. Good For: cutting circles and curves from...

                              Gripster Drafting Supplies, Cutting Tools and Trimmers, Handheld Knives and Cutters
                              Price: $8.90
                              Item #: XA3627 - See more from X-Acto

                                The X-ACTO Gripster Soft Grip knife is the precision knife for those who are looking for the epitome in comfort. Hobbyists and graphics artists who spend hours at a time with their work need two things they can count on: comfort and precision. This...