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Premium Large Format Guillotine Trimmers
Retail: $3,600.00
Item #: D580 - See more from Dahle

    Designed for large format applications, these trimmers sit on top of permanent metal stands and offer a cutting length of 32" and 42". A self-sharpening ground steel blade makes cutting mat board, foam core and up to 30 sheets of paper easy. The...

    Professional Guillotine Trimmers
    Price: $141.50-$245.00
    Retail: $200.00
    Item #: D533 - See more from Dahle

      Dahle's Professional Guillotines are designed for heavier applications and are equipped with a ground self-sharpening blade. With a cutting capacity of up to 15 sheets of paper at a time, they are perfect for cutting paper, cardstock and...

      Vantage Paper Trimmers
      Price: $78.80-$125.20
      Retail: $90.00
      Item #: D12E - See more from Dahle

        Whether you are cutting a single sheet of paper or fifteen at a time, Dahle's Vantage Trimmer is the perfect tool for the task. This traditional style paper cutter has many unique features that offer safety and convenience while giving you the...

        Premium Guillotine Trimmers
        Price: $345.00-$1,687.50
        Retail: $560.00
        Item #: D561 - See more from Dahle

          Dahle's Premium Guillotine Cutters are designed for heavy duty applications where precision and safety are essential. These cutters feature a massive ground blade that is protected by a safety shield. This innovative shield automatically covers the...