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    Model Number: OLABB-10B
    Brand: Olfa
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    Olfa 9mm ABB Black Snap Blades

    Model Number: OLABB-10B

    The OLFA 9mm Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades offer superior sharpness compared to standard silver blades, with up to 25% increased cutting performance. Crafted from premium Japanese carbon tool steel, these blades are highly durable and dual-honed to ensure ultra-sharp edges for precise cutting results.

    Ideal for fine and detailed cutting tasks like wallpaper and masking, each blade features 13 sharp segments that can be easily snapped off when a fresh edge is needed. Etched grooves facilitate a clean break, enabling you to continue working smoothly and efficiently. The OLFA 9mm Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades are essential tools for achieving precise and clean cuts in various applications.


    • Made from high quality carbon tool steel using a double honing process for extreme sharpness
    • Fit most Heavy-Duty handles
    • 13 sharp segments that are easy to snap when you need a fresh edge
    • 9mm blades
    • 25% Sharper than Silver Blades
    • Double-honed for extreme sharpness
    • Premium Japanese tool steel
    • 10-Pack of Blades

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 9mm blades
    • Product Weight: 0.1 lbs.
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    Olfa 9mm ABB Black Snap Blades