Seth Cole #55 White Tracing Paper Rolls

Seth Cole Tracing Paper has exceptional qualities for detail or rough sketch work.

  • 8 lb. White Tracing/Sketch Paper
  • 1" core
  • Accepts pencil, ink, charcoal, as well as felt tip markers without bleed through
  • High transparency permits several overlays while retaining legibility
  • Available in many lengths and widths
  • Our most popular sketch/tracing paper!

Also available as Yellow Tracing Paper

Brand: Seth Cole
Estimated Delivery Time: 3 - 7 Business Days
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Seth Cole #55 White Tracing Paper Rolls
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
Texas Hill Country

Perfect for my Crafting and Sewing projects!!

  • price
  • quality
  • response time
These products are a perfect aid to my needs. The paper is lightweight and flexible enough to "move" as I need it and transparent enough to see notes under as I trace. Thanks also for your very timely delivery. Hard to find this kind of response time and quality these days - great job Dew!! Naomi

Great value bread n butter for architects

  • Ease of Use
  • A Little Too Thin
<p>Best price I can find for tracing paper. good deal.


Item # Name List Price Our Price Buy Now!
55W-650 #55W - 6"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $10.32 $6.00
55W-1250 #55W - 12"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $12.34 $6.40
55W-1420 #55W - 14"x20 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $9.00 $6.50
55W-1450 #55W - 14"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $15.95 $11.50
55W-1850 #55W - 18"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $17.95 $14.40
55W-2450 #55W - 24"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $24.95 $15.80
55W-3020 #55W - 30"x20 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $16.25 $11.70
55W-3050 #55W - 30"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $30.75 $19.40
55W-3620 #55W - 36"x20 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $17.50 $12.60
55W-3650 #55W - 36"x50 yds. Tracing Paper (White) $36.25 $22.90