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    Model Number: 60300
    Brand: Rotatrim
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    Rotatrim Technical T-Series Paper Trimmers

    Model Number: T650 / T950 / T1250 / T1550 / T1850 / T2150

    For cutting extra-thick, extra-dense materials, these industrial strength trimmers are equally at home cutting thin films and tissue paper. Features unrivaled accuracy for cutting in its class. It is a heavy duty precision trimmer which will cut most flexible materials up to 4.0mm in thickness.

    If you’re looking for an "all day, every day-use" extremely heavy duty rotary trimmer that is capable of cutting the widest array of substrates and materials – from flexible to semi-rigid– this large format trimmer (up to 100″) is the answer. The Technical is perfect for high-volume cutting and trimming of heavy-duty materials.

    Rotatrim trimmers are hand built in England by highly skilled technicians so you can be assured of the absolute highest quality of craftsmanship, accuracy and reliability.

    • Robust trimmer with extra capacity for the more challenging materials
    • Cuts materials from hardboard to tissue paper without adjustment
    • Self-lifting clamp mechanism enables a single user to evenly cut large materials
    • Overload protection feature
    • Ultra hard Sheffield D2 'Tool Steel' self-sharpening, precision engineered blades
    • Large single square stainless steel guide rail completely eliminates head swivel
    • Aluminum baseboard, end frames, head and side rule

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 26" to 100" Cut Length
    • Product Weight: 28 lbs.
    Rotatrim Technical T-Series Paper Trimmers

    T650 - 60300
    Cuts Size 26″ (650 mm)
    Overall Size 40″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T950- 60310
    Cuts Size 38″ (950 mm)
    Overall Size 52″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T1250 - 60320
    Cuts Size 49″ (1250 mm)
    Overall Size 64″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T1550 - 60330
    Cuts Size 61″ (1550 mm)
    Overall Size 75 1/2″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T1850 - 60340
    Cuts Size 73″ (1850 mm)
    Overall Size 87 1/2″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T2150 - 60350
    Cuts Size 85″ (2150 mm)
    Overall Size 100″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

    T2500 - 60360
    Cuts Size 100″ (2500 mm)
    Overall Size 113″W x 13 1/2″D x 7″H

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    Rotatrim Technical T-Series Paper Trimmers