Blending Stump
Soft paper felt rolled into sticks with double pointed ends. Stumps are used for blending charcoals, pastels, and other materials.
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Bond Paper
Standard multi-use paper available in various weights (most popular is 20#). This is a common media in the drafting industry.
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See Drawing Board Cover
Combination Lamp
A drafting table lamp that attaches to the drafting table. Combination lighting is provided by a circular florescent light and a CFL or incandescent light.
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Craft Table
A lighter duty Drafting Table designed primarily for crafts and home use. Usually these tables have extra small-drawer storage included.
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Drafting Chair
A seating support designed specifically for users of drafting tables or other elevated surfaces above normal office-desk height.Drafting chairs are available in many different designs, colors, and variable height adjustments for normal drafting or other utilitarian use. Drafting chairs have seat backs, foot-support rings, and accessory arms are also available.
> If you need help choosing a drafting chair, please see our page on How to Choose the Right Drafting Chair
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Drafting Compass
A metal drafting device for drawing and measuring in the drafting process. Compasses are most commonly used for drawing circles and are available as bow and beam compasses.
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Drafting Machine
A mechanical devise designed to clamp to a drafting surface for the purpose of aiding drafting designing. These are available in Track-style or Elbow-style.
Unfortunately, drafting machines have been discontinued and are no longer available .
Drafting Machine Scale
Plastic straight edges designed to fit Drafting Machines.
Drafting Scale
Specialized scales used for drafting. These scales are available in flat or triangular shapes and made of wood, plastic, or metal. They are available in various lengths and increments.
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Drafting Stool
An elevated seating support for normal drafting. Usually not available with seat back support or arms. Stools normally do not have height-adjustment. Stools are an economic way to provide seating in drawing/drafting classrooms.
> If you need help choosing a drafting stool, please see our page on How to Choose the Right Drafting Chair
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Drafting Table
Designed for the specific use of architectural/engineering drafting and mechanical drawing, consisting of a rigid leg-support structure with a variable pitch top for convenience of user.
Drafting tables come in various top sizes and vertical adjustment considerations for normal drafting requirements.
Drafting tables have many uses and can be used for drafting, drawing, painting, viewing large documents, crafts, hobbies or general writing.
> If you need help choosing a drafting table, please see our page on How to Choose the Right Drafting Table
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Drafting Tape
Specialized tape, similar to masking tape, designed to hold down drafting media and be removed without damaging the media-material.
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Drawing Board Cover
A vinyl thin material made to specifically to be used for drafting surface covers. These covers provide a soft firm cushion writing/drawing surface for pens and pencil-leads.Brand names of Board Cover are Vyco and Borco. Borco is no longer manufactured. Vyco is available in four colors.
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Drawing Table
See Drafting Table
Equal Spacing Divider
A specialized form of a compass, designed to make multiple equal spaces accurately while drafting.
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Flat Files
Large filing drawers and cabinets constructed from steel or wood supplying storage space for plans, also called Plan Files or Map Files.
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Hanging Clamps
An organizational system for storing drafting-plan copies for quick convenient use in office or field-office settings. Hanging clamp-systems are available with wheel-based mobile support racks or fixed wall-mounted racks.Hanging clamps are constructed from extruded aluminum and have adjustments for holding numerous plan-copies.
> If you need help choosing a Hanging Clamp or Blueprint Rack, please see our page on All About Hanging Clamps and Racks
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Lead Holder
Mechanical pencil devices for holding 2mm drafting leads constructed with metal or plastic.
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Linen Tester
Optical device for testing linen.
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Mechanical Pencil
A pencil designed to hold fine pencil lead for drafting use. Mechanical Pencils are constructed from metal or plastic materials.
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Parallel Bar
A drafting straight edge with specialized attachments for mounting to a drafting surface.
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A specialized measuring device used in the drafting industry to measure the surface area of irregular drafted shapes.
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Portable Drafting Board
drafting surfaces provided with convenient carrying handles and usually equipped with a parallel bar.
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A fine cleaning powder used on drafting surfaces, such as vellum and sketch paper, for removing dirt, graphite dust, and smudge. Pounce is available in shaker-cans or soft dry cleaning bag-pads.
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Rub Rail
Term applied to the wooden rail at the front edge of some drafting tables.
A drafting tool made of metal, plastic, or wood to facilitate drafting a straight line
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Technical Pen
Inking pens which have fine grading diameters to control line width.
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Soft rolled paper with pointed end used in similar manner as Blending Stumps.
Vellum Paper
A cotton fiber based drafting media that contains translucent properties. Vellum has been a primary drafting media for many year.
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See Drawing Board Cover