Portable Drafting Boards with Mayline Straightedges

These portable drawing boards are professional, top-mounted, accurate drafting tools constructed with top mounted Professional Mayline Straightedges. These portable drafting boards are available in three sizes to accommodate different sizes of paper.

  • Available in 23" x 31", 24" x 36", and 30" x 42"
  • Solid-core, satin-finish, white, melamine laminated drafting board
  • Top-Mounted Standard Mayline Professional Parallel Bar (Straightedge) with Delrin rollers
  • Foldaway heavy duty legs with dual snap-lock mechanism, securing legs in upright or folded positions.
  • Convenient foldaway comfort handle for easy transportation.
  • Rubber gripping tractor feet under the board to position over the edge of table for close-up and convenient working angles

Manufacturer: DEW EXCLUSIVE - Alvin Drafting Board with Mayline Parallel Bar

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MXBKD36 24" x 36" Portable Drafting Board with Mayline Straightedge
Price: $264.95
MXBKD42 30" x 42" Portable Drafting Board with Mayline Straightedge
Price: $289.95