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    Model Number: W1001
    Brand: Coates
    Discontinued - Available
    Coates Willow Charcoal

    Model Number: W1001

    Specially made by the Coate family since 1819. This artist charcoal possesses a velvety smooth stroke and a rich deep black hue. The charcoal is sorted by diameter in its natural shape.

    Please be aware that willow charcoal is a completely natural product made simply from the willow grown on the Coate farm. Therefore, the sizes of the charcoal sticks are approximate measurements, one end of the charcoal stick will differ in size to the other end.

    Thin Willow Charcoal - Pack of 25

    • These sticks measure approximately 2-3mm in diameter. 
    • They are ideal for fine, detailed drawing. 
    • This charcoal is made using the top of the willow rod where the wood is the thinnest.

    Medium Willow Charcoal - Pack of 25

    • These sticks measure approximately 4-6mm in diameter. 
    • This is the most popular size that we supply.

    Thick Willow Charcoal - Pack of 12

    • These sticks measure approximately 7-9mm
    • Ideal for all charcoal drawing.

    Assorted Short Sticks - Pack of 30

    • An assortment of 30 (approximately) half length sticks of various diameters. 
    • The perfect choice for anyone wanting to try willow charcoal drawing for the first time.

    Extra Thick Willow Charcoal - Pack of 4

    • These sticks measure approximately 12-14mm.
    • Extra large willow charcoal sticks is perfect for big pieces of work.

    Jumbo Tree Stick - Single

    • Tree sticks are made from two year old willow rods. 
    • These very chunky sticks are great for really large drawings 
    • Strong enough to use on all kinds of surfaces.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: Varies
    • Product Weight: 0.05 lbs.
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    Coates Willow Charcoal