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    Model Number: 1020-3718
    Brand: Clearprint
    Discontinued - Available
    Clearprint 12 x 18 Vellum Sheets 1000H-10 - 10x10 Grid

    Model Number: 1020-3718

    1000H 16-pound Clearprint Vellum is the most popular vellum on the market. Made of 100% new cotton fiber, this media is transparentized without solvents to produce the proper translucency as well as legendary Clearprint archival quality, strength, erasability and redraw characteristics. 1000H can be used with a myriad of fine art materials as well as with traditional drafting products and most inkjet printers.

    • 12 x 18 Sheet Size
    • 100% New Cotton Fiber
    • 16 lb. (68gms/meter2) Transluscent Vellum
    • Good for pencil or ink
    • No feathering edges and no ghosting
    • Perfect for Manual Drafting/FineArt
    • Compatible with MOST Ink Jet Printers
    • Grids are printed in non-repro blue and contain 10 squares/boxes per inch

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 12 x 18
    • Product Weight: 24 lbs.
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    Clearprint 12 x 18 Vellum Sheets 1000H-10 - 10x10 Grid