Timely templates creates drafting templates for Home Designers & Remodelers, Draftsmen, Landscape Designers, Surveyors, Artists, Illustrators, Mechanical Designers, Police Accident Drawings, and MORE! The family owned and operated business is now into second and third generation management under the name of Timely Products Company, Inc. Their symbol templates are made from .020" transparent green tinted material with a matte surface. Professionals have always commended our .020" thinness for easiest positioning. POSITIONING is the EXACTING part of all template use. Their symbol templates are EXACT-DIE-CUT with precision mating steel dies. The tracing edges or TIMELY'S cut-outs are smoother than those of templates made with rotary cutters (milling). Therefore, less pencil wear and less pencil dust on the drawing.
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Swiss Cheeze Template - Circles & Hexes
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    Full circles 1/16" to 1-1/8" diameter. Quarter circles to 1-1/4" diameter. Full and half size hexagons for bolt diameters of 1/16" to 1/2". Side views of nuts and bolt heads. Large arrowheads and reference numbers.