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5.6mm Three Sided Lead Holder
Retail: $20.99
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    This lead holder is for 5.6mm lead. It will protect your lead from breaking. The product is made from heavy-duty plastic and designed with control in mind.

    Artists Art Gum Eraser Caramel
    Retail: $1.99
    Item #: CL43301 - See more from

      Dual-purpose eraser and cleaner for dry media. Designed to crumble while removing unwanted marks keeping the paper surface unscarred. As it crumbles, it creates a fine dry powder which cleans the surface by absorbing graphite, charcoal or any dry...

      Ecologic Wooden Lead Holder
      Retail: $22.99
      Item #: CL43012 - See more from

        The Cretacolor Ecologic Wooden Lead Holder fits 5.6 mm round graphite and chalk sticks in a shape designed to fit easily in your hand while you draw. The varnished natural wood makes the holder as beautiful as it is functional.

        Ergonomic Lead Holder
        Retail: $25.99
        Item #: CL43015 - See more from

          This Ergonomic lead holder by Cretacolor holds 5.6mm lead and perfectly fits the contours of the artist's hand. Made out of a specially molded plastic, this holder will keep your hands clean during the creative process.