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Professional Draftsmans Cleaning Pad Drafting Supplies, Erasing Tools, Pads and Powder
Retail: $8.77
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    Pad gently removes mistakes smudges and smears from artwork mat boards or drawing boards. Will clean up drawing tools. Pad contains finely powdered gum eraser in a soft fabric cover. Never needs washing. 3½ oz. pad 12/box.

    PXB Side Bracket Kit
    Retail: $16.47
    Item #: BX2N - See more from

      Replacement parts for PXB boards made 2014 and after. Includes a set of 2 metal side brackets and 2 of each metal side brackets, plastic end caps, wire capture knobs, and T-bolts.

      8 Piece French Curve Set Drafting Supplies, Drawing Equipment, Irregular Curves
      Retail: $37.77
      Item #: FC88 - See more from

        The most popular full-seized curves molded of smoke gray-tinted 0.10" thick polystyrene with double inking edges.  These french curves are great for individual or classroom use!

        Rotary Lead Pointer Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Lead Pointers
        Retail: $11.57
        Item #: ALP41 - See more from

          This small 2½" high rotary lead pointer is made of durable light-weight plastic with a removable top for easy cleaning of filings. Features two lead point options and hardened tempered steel cutting blades. Two replacement point-cleaning pads...

          TD1204 : Alvin Combo Circle Master Template
          Retail: $8.17
          Item #: TD1204 - See more from

            Contains 45 circles from 1/16" to 2 ¼". Size: 7 ¼" x 8 ¼" x .030".

            AL666 : Alvin Ames Letting Guide
            Retail: $3.47
            Item #: AL666 - See more from

              A uniquely designed instrument combining a rotating disk with an indexed rim for adjusting letter height or establishing cross-hatch marks. Draw guide and slope lines 1/16" to 2" in height. English and metric line spacing. ...

              12" Beveled Architectural Scale Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Flat Drafting Scales, Flat Architectural Scales
              Retail: $15.37
              Item #: 260P - See more from

                Four-bevel white scales made of high-impact plastic. Printed graduations. Supplied in vinyl sheath.

                6" Architectural Scale Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Flat Drafting Scales, Flat Architectural Scales
                Retail: $6.97
                Item #: 310A - See more from

                  6" four-bevel white scales made of high-impact lightweight plastic. Printed graduations. Supplied in vinyl sheath. Graduations: 1/8 1/4 1/2 1 3/8 3/4 1½ and 3" to the foot.

                  TD112 : Alvin Speed Lettering Guide
                  Retail: $9.87
                  Item #: TD112 - See more from

                    This modern bold lettering template is ideal for planning, drafting, drawing, lettering, and other craft projects.  It is great for Drawing and Drafting Tool Architecture, and Design Template, Great for Students, Hobbyists, and...

                    SM3W-1 : Alvin Anti-Static Polyester Single Matte Finish Drafting Film 8.5" x 11"
                    Retail: $55.67
                    Item #: SM3W-1 - See more from

                      Superior long-lasting and chemically matted for pencil and ink drawing applications and will not tear cut stain become brittle or discolor with age. Excellent erasability for both ink and film lead and recommended where dimensional stability...

                      Aluminum Graduated T-Squares
                      Retail: $13.87
                      Item #: ALT12 - See more from

                        This lightweight aluminum T-square is useful creating your drafts - The sleek and efficient design makes sure that you are will equipment with creating straight lines for your perspective layout or design layouts.

                        TD654 : Alvin Surveyor's/Engineers Field Indicator Template
                        Retail: $10.27
                        Item #: TD654 - See more from

                          Contains standard symbols and users legend. Size: 4" x 6½" x .030".

                          Masonite Drawing Boards
                          Item #: SPM20 - See more from

                            Boards are smooth on both sides and feature a convenient handle cut out.  Use for drawing on the go, or to add stiffness to portfolios and large bags.Available in 2 sizes:20" x 26"24" x 36"

                            Traditional Dusting Brush Drafting Supplies, Drawing Equipment, Dusting Brushes
                            Retail: $9.17
                            Item #: 2341 - See more from

                              Constructed of soft sterilized 100% horsehair wax-set in a tough durable 14 1/2" finished hardwood handle. A traditional design preferred by professionals.For safe removal of eraser shavings from drawings.

                              24" x 36" Alva-Line Vellum Paper with Title Block
                              Retail: $422.67
                              Item #: 6855-B-8 - See more from

                                Alva-Line Series 6855 is a medium weight 16 lb. basis vellum paper manufactured from 100% new cotton rag fibers with a non-fading blue-white tint. Finely grained surface that is excellent for pencil and pen receptivity.

                                Scott B/2 2mm Lead Holder Drafting Supplies, Drafting Pencils and Leads, Lead Holders
                                Retail: $6.57
                                Item #: B/2 - See more from

                                  Transparent plastic barrel features a pocket clip and spring-loaded lead release.

                                  12" Color-Coded Plastic Engineering Scale Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Triangular Scales, Triangular Engineering Scales
                                  Retail: $13.87
                                  Item #: 241P - See more from

                                    Professional-quality scales made from high-impact plastic with Black or White, non-reflecting, matte faces and tapered edges. Machine-engraved graduations and color-coded furrows. Supplied in hard plastic case.

                                    Folding Parallel Rulers Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Specialty Rulers, Alvin Folding Parallel Rule
                                    Retail: $17.37
                                    Item #: A1500-12 - See more from

                                      This folding parallel rule features transparent blades for easy reading with non-skid pads and sturdy aluminum links provide the right amount of tension for drawing a line parallel to another line or reference point.

                                      6" Rolling Parallel Ruler
                                      Retail: $9.87
                                      Item #: 306 - See more from

                                        A multi-purpose drawing tool made from high impact plastic for students, artists, and designers. 

                                        TD1279 : Alvin Electric/Electronic Template
                                        Retail: $11.10
                                        Item #: TD1279 - See more from

                                          Contains electronic tubes capacitors circuit breakers resistors relays switches logic symbols etc. Designed for .200" grid. Size: 5" x 7" x .030".

                                          Non-Skid Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Standard Rulers, Alvin Non-Skid Flexible Rulers
                                          Retail: $2.67
                                          Item #: R590-6 - See more from

                                            Made of finest quality stainless steel with non-skid cork backing that won’t slip on glass or polished surfaces. Flexible enough to permit measuring curved surfaces. Raised edges eliminate ink blots and smearing. Graduated in 16ths, 32nds, and...

                                            TD1538 : Alvin 1/4" Scale House Plan Fixtures Template I
                                            Retail: $9.17
                                            Item #: TD1538 - See more from

                                              Contains door swings kitchen and lavatory fixtures ANSI symbols circles floor elevation indicator and roof pitch index. Scale: ¼"= 1'. Size: 4½" x 9-5/8" x .030".

                                              Weight Bag Drafting Supplies, Drawing Equipment, Paper Weight Bags
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                                              Price: $20.00
                                              Retail: $33.77
                                              Item #: PW3 - See more from

                                                Perfect for holding construction plans in place on job sites. Ideal for holding down papers drawings maps patterns and artwork. Genuine cowhide cover with stitched seams for added durability. 1¼ lb. weight with ultra-fine sand filling.

                                                Graduated Beam Compass Drafting Supplies, Drafting Instruments, Beam Compasses
                                                Retail: $69.77
                                                Item #: 961X - See more from

                                                  The Alvin Beam Compass Comes with two graduated beam bars and includes spare leads and needlepoint, is also complete with interchangeable ruling pen, pencil, and divider legs. This beam compass is conveniently packaged and comes in a hard,...

                                                  WRF55 : Alvin Tubular Roll File
                                                  Price: $97.80
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                                                  Retail: $124.57
                                                  Item #: WRF55 - See more from

                                                    This heavy-duty mobile storage bin is an ideal organizer for rolled maps, plans, drawings, and tubes.

                                                    Double Readout Plan Measure Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Blueprint Plan and Map Measurers
                                                    Retail: $52.97
                                                    Item #: 1121 - See more from

                                                      Ideal for blueprints, map scaling, and drawings.

                                                      TD5361 : Alvin-1/8" Scale Landscape Template II
                                                      Retail: $8.87
                                                      Item #: TD5361 - See more from

                                                        Contains various symbols for landscape design. 1/8" scale. Size: 3½" x 6" x .030".

                                                        Basic-Bow Standard Drawing Set Drafting Supplies, Drafting Instruments, Drawing Compasses
                                                        Retail: $60.97
                                                        Item #: 795B - See more from

                                                          Set includes 6" and 4½" pencil compass/dividers and 6" friction divider with self centering gear head design and replaceable needle points.