Chartpak Spectra AD Markers
Spectra AD™ Markers are the latest edition to the AD® Marker family. An alcohol-based twin tip marker features brilliant color with less odor than the traditional AD® Marker. Painstakingly developed over several years, Spectra AD™ Markers were designed tip to tip, inside and out, with the artist in mind. Each air-tight cap closely matches the marker's ink, the barrel is ergonomically shaped and prevents rolling, ink capicity allows for maximum draw out, and the twin nibs offer the artist a wide range of line options in one marker. Spectra AD™ Markers come in 95 colors and a blender.
  • Brilliant alcohol based markers in 95 colors and blender are ideal for art and design.
  • Extremely versatile, featuring dual ended tips with a flexible brush tip on one side and a unique
    tri-nib on the other.
  • The AD Marker® signature Tri-nib offers three line widths – fine, medium, and broad
    with the twist of the wrist.
  • Colors dry fast, are permanent, and non-toxic.
  • They can be used with the Spectra AD™ Blender Marker to create gradations, to blend and to lighten color.
  • Spectra AD™ Markers can be used with traditional xylene-based AD Markers®. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.
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SBASIC6AD : Chartpak Spectra AD Marker - 6 Pc Basic Set
Model: SBASIC6AD - Price: $27.15
SBASIC12AD : Chartpak Spectra AD Marker - 12 Pc Basic Set
Model: SBASIC12AD - Price: $44.95
SBASIC24AD : Chartpak Spectra AD Marker - 24 Pc Basic Set
Model: SBASIC24AD - Price: $85.65
SBASIC48AD : Chartpak Spectra AD Marker - 48 Pc Basic Set
Model: SBASIC48AD - Price: $163.55
SBASIC96AD : Chartpak Spectra AD Marker - 96 Pc Basic Set
Model: SBASIC96AD - Price: $322.85