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    Model Number: 1033-18
    Brand: ACU-ARC
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    ACU-ARC 18" Adjustable French Curve

    Model Number: 1033-18

    This adjustable french curve can be easily shaped to any of the smooth curves found in found in a whole set of irregular or French curves. Its 18" length makes forming curves easy and its layered construction holds desired curve firmly for smooth, accurate curve line drawing.

    Still manufactured by hand these curves have been used by architects engineers chiropractors designers draftsmen artists woodworkers metal workers surveyors carpet installers and law enforcement for 45 years.

    Acu-Arc Adjustable Curves provide the quickest, easiest way to draw a fair curve through a series of plotted points.

    • Made of incredibly flexible shape-holding butyrate plastic that can be finger-shaped to any curve for extremely accurate drawings
    • One edge is flat to surface for pencil and the other side has a bead for ruling pen
    • Segments that become separated can be pressed together again easily with slight pressure between the thumb and forefinger
    • Saves time searching for specific grid curves
    • Patented, segmented construction assures a smooth non-rippled fair line curve
    • Layered construction provides ample width so your fingers dont get in the way. The friction between the layers hold the curve securly while you draw
    • Return your Acu-Arc adjustable french curve to straight line position when not in use

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 18" Long
    • Product Weight: 0.13 lbs.
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    ACU-ARC 18" Adjustable French Curve