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    Model Number: ULM24
    Brand: Ulrich
    Estimated Delivery Time: Made to Order 4 - 6 Weeks
    Ulrich Pinfile Blueprint File Cabinet

    Model Number: M24 / M30 / M48

    The Ulrich Pinfile Blueprint File Cabinet utilizes an advanced indexing system and quality construction to make large document filing easier. Features such as unique design which holds the lid safely open, and a heavy-duty, zero tolerance door slide which allows the unit to operate with ease and stability. The Parallel Pin File gives maximum document support.

    The Ulrich Pin and Post Pinfile is 100% compatible with the Safco Masterfile.

    • 24" x 36", 30" x 42" or 36" x 48" Maximum Sheet Size
    • Security Lock Standard -- Tumbler lock standard on this Blueprint file cabinet
    • Easy system to use with fast efficient filing -- typical document retrieval in 15 seconds or less
    • Various size documents can be filed in one unit
    How It Works

    First, open the lid and use the quick reference indexing system to locate the appropriate document. Lightly glide open the front of the cabinet until it stops in the reference position. In this position the pins remain overlapped to ensure that no document can fall off. After you have found and centered the document you are looking for, open the cabinet into its filing position and slide the document off the pins and out either side of the cabinet. Buttons on the face of the cabinet provide temporary storage for a document while the cabinet is being opened or closed.

    Easy Filing

    The Pinfile Blueprint Filing Cabinet is the fastest and simplest filing system for large document filing. Each sheet is filed individually. Hanging on Pins from suspension tape (also called carrier strips). It is easy to leaf through the documents to find the one you need and retrieve it. Add carrier strips to the cabinet for even better organization.

    File multiple sizes in the Blueprint file Cabinet

    A great advantage of the blueprint file cabinet is that it easily accommodates a variety of drawing sizes, even custom sizes. 

    Self Supporting Mechanism

    This blueprint file cabinet is self-supporting for maximum safety. The front of the cabinet rolls open on smooth operating ball bearings.

    Supported Lid

    Safety first with this self supported lid. The lid stays up while you do all your filing and then easily folds down when done.

    Document Protection

    In addition, this blueprint file cabinet is equipped with a seal around all openings. This heavy duty seal protects your important documents from dust and other contaminants.

    Convenience Buttons

    There are small black buttons are on the front of the cabinet to temporarily hang your blueprints while keeping them safe and clean.

    Environmentally safe AND Made in the USA

    The Ulrich Pinfile uses environmentally sound powder-coated finish.  In addition, these products are manufactured to reduce our carbon footprint. We achieve this through our dedication to recycling, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly manufacturing all in the USA.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 42-1/8"H x 34-1/2"W x 19-1/2" to 31"D
    • Product Weight: 245 lbs.
    Ulrich Pinfile Blueprint File Cabinet

    M24 or MP2424"×36"120042 1/8"34 1/2"19 1/2"31"
    M30 or MP3036"×48"120054 3/8"42 1/2"19 1/2"31"
    M48 or MP4830"×42"120042 1/8"61 1/2"19 1/2"31"
    One Year Limted Warranty

    Ulrich warrants that the Goods will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year. Should a defect be detected within a period of 12 months from date of delivery, Ulrich agrees to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price at the discretion of Ulrich. THIS IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY THAT ULRICH PROVIDES AND ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED. Ulrich makes no other warranty either expressed or implied.

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    Ulrich Pinfile Blueprint File Cabinet

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