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    Model Number: QSB-810CEX
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    Pacific Arc 6" Quick Action Compass with Extension Bar

    Model Number: QSB-810CEX

    Professional quality Speed Bow Compass adjusts two ways: press the buttons on the legs for extremely fast adjustment or use the center wheel for fine adjustment.

    QSB-810CEX features our signature 6" QSB-series compass with beam, universal adaptor and spare parts kits. Individually packed in a hard plastic case with clear cover.


    • Rugged 6" pencil compass with extension
    • Press button quick action center wheel adjustment
    • High-tech design of matte silver hinged legs
    • Protruding buttons on each leg for increasing or decreasing the width between the compass legs
    • Detachable legs for using extension leg, adaptor, or ruling pens
    • For circles from 1/8" to 20"
    • Comes with lead box and universal adaptor

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions:
    • Product Weight: 0.3 lbs.
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    Where do i buy extra lead? (James E.)
    You can purchase extra compass lead here: Compass Lead
    How do I attach the extension bow? (Agabus D.)
    The leg where the lead is inserted comes off about 1" above where the knob is. Loosen the knob and remove the leg then you can insert the extension.
    Pacific Arc 6" Quick Action Compass with Extension Bar