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    Model Number: 302VJ
    Brand: Alvin
    Discontinued - No Longer Available
    Alvin Speed Bow Introductory Compass with Beam Bar

    Model Number: 302VJ
    The same fine construction as the No. 305 but with the additional versatility of a beam bar extension for drawing circles up to 25" in diameter. Packaged in a hard see-through plastic case with spare lead.

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    • Product Weight: 0.4 lbs.
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    Would like to know how to connect beam bar. (Wes S.)
    To connect the beam bar simply remove the lead that is in the compass by loosening the knob and pulling the lead out. Then insert the smaller end of the extension bar and tighten the knob back down.
    Alvin Speed Bow Introductory Compass with Beam Bar

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    • inexpensive
    • poor quality
    The "speed" feature of the compass was what I was looking for. However the jointed part of each leg is made of poor quality (read plastic) materials and I was unable to use the tightening screws to make the legs rigid. I had to use vise grips to twist the tightening screws tight enough to create the rigidity required for precision work. I am concerned that if I tighten the screws any more, the plastic joint will collapse. For $6.00, you get what you pay for. I couldn't find any other speed compass out there, otherwise I would have been happy to pay for a quality instrument that keeps its settings accurately.