Seth Cole #80MP Drafting Vellum (17lb.)

Seth Cole's #80MP transparentized drafting vellum is made from first-quality, 100% long fiber blue tint rag stock. The surface remains smooth and white without ghosting, smudging or fracturing from repeated erasing, redrawing, or rolling. This all-purpose vellum meets a variety of drafting requirements.


  • 17lb. Vellum
  • Smooth Surface
  • Good erasability
  • 100% Rag Vellum
  • Inkjet, Laser, Xerographic
  • Available in sheets and rolls
Item No. Description Our Price Buy Now!
9NA00200 #80MP - 8.5" x 11" Drafting Vellum - 50 Sheet Pad
Price: $12.40
9NA00230 #80MP - 11 "x 17" Drafting Vellum - 50 Sheet Pad
Price: $24.20
9NA01405 #80MPR - 18"W Drafting Vellum Roll
Price: $24.40-$48.00

9NA01410 #80MPR - 24"W Drafting Vellum Roll
Price: $31.20-$69.90

9NA01430 #80MPR - 36"W Drafting Vellum Roll
Price: $41.20-$88.70