Seth Cole Sketch Paper (#55)

Using the finest stock available, this sketch paper has exceptional qualities for detail or rough sketch work. 


  • Accepts pencil, ink, charcoal, as well as felt tip pens, without bleed through. 
  • High transparency permits several overlays while retaining legibility. 
  • Available in all convenient roll widths and lengths, and if you require other sizes, please call customer service. 
  • All sizes are available in either white or yellow. 
  • Canary sketch now available in reams and 50 yard rolls on 2" cores, 6" to 42" wide.
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#55W White Sketch Paper Sheets
Model: 55W-Sheets - Price: $30.10-$277.40
Seth Cole Tracing Paper Rolls
Model: 55W-Rolls - Price: $7.20-$27.00
#55Y Yellow Sketch Paper Sheets
Model: 55Y-Sheets - Price: $30.10-$221.90
Seth Cole Tracing Paper Rolls
Model: 55Y-Rolls - Price: $7.80-$27.00